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Pensioner's paradise - no more....

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Petty thieves work the nights and cart off anything they can find outside our locked doors. Gangsters storm our homes in broad day light. And now you see killing of innocent civilians, day AND night. Today’s DH counted 16 reported murders in 20 days.

What has become of the law and order situation in our city? Where are we heading?

Go around the city. I bet you will see a hundred larger than life posters. Banners filled with somebody’s faces saying thank you or happy b’day to someone else. You’ll probably get stuck in traffic because some politician, some religious organization, some linguistic chief wants to show off with a big rally somewhere, or with a neighborhood event – entire road covered with chairs, stage, lighting and blaring music.
Our police force is as corrupt as any other entity, outdated, outnumbered, outwitted, and out-armed! Our ministers want to take care of and appease themselves and ‘their’ constituency. Our fellow citizens don’t have the time, care less and fear that if their kids are too ‘good’, they may not survive.
I really want to remain an optimist, but the more I see such things, the more I think we are pacing towards pure anarchy - another mafia infested Sicily?
You have heard this rant before. So, what’s the point of this post?
Our politicians, bureaucrats, leaders and other powers-to-be have done their lip service and tried their unsuccessful, conventional solutions for too long. Top-down policy approach hasn’t produced good enough results. It’s time to think out of the box and come up with practical ideas that work.
So what do you think? Where are we heading? What can be done? Where do we start?


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