Namma Bengaluru Uncaring? hotel worker left to die on road !

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Source - DNA

This is what a 24 year old hotel employee, Lino Tharakan, injured in the crane accident has to say about indifferent attitude of the people on the road who failed to lend a helping hand.

I will not stay in Bangalore. I hate this city. When Vijay was trying to help me, onlookers were trying to stop him. They told him that they had already informed police and the ambulance would be coming any moment. Vijay waited for some time and called another ambulance which came in five minutes,” he said. After getting discharged from hospital, Tharakan also wants to write a blog about his bad experience.

“I’ll update it in social networks like Facebook and Twitter. I want to create awareness against people's indifference to accident victims. They should change their attitude and try to help others. No one should go through what I went through,” he said.

Currently Lino is recovering, thanks to Mr. Vijay who unlike others came forward and helped Lino reached the hospital and saved his life.

Lino is justified in saying, he would not like to stay in the city whose citizens are found to be uncaring and of no help at the time of his need. He is justified in saying, people of Namma Bengaluru are uncaring.

But not sure how different his experience would have been if this unfortunate incident had happened in some other city. 99%, it would have been same experience all across India.

The incident is stark reminder about lack of credible unified emergency response system and emergency response culture among us. I am not sure how different I would have been in that situation. May be one among uncaring? Not because I don't care, may be because I don't know how to respond to emergency situations like this in India. Even the most caring, Bengaluru Assistant Commissioner of Police, don't know who should be responsible for unified emergency response.

You all will agree that, such incidents happens every day and same story. Help not available on time. Lucky is Lino, people like Vijay still cares. Many succumbs to uncaring passers by.

Isn't time to ask for unified emergency response system? BTW, call is not for 'Disaster Management' but for regular emergency response.


Real-time example of emergency response in USA!

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This happened in USA.

2-days back, one of the attendee of the Mosque in Maryland, USA, after the night prayer was finished, got into an emergency situation. He started bleeding from the incision of the surgery that he had undergone that morning.

No doctor was around. Immediately another attendee who noticed this, called the 9-1-1 emergency number and explained the situation to the operator. The operator took few details and gave some instructions.

In about 5-10 minutes an emergency response vehicle came, attended to the patient. They dressed him again and ensure that the bleeding has stopped. Looking at the gravity of the situation they even advice the patient to go home and take rest. And they in fact gave an option of taking him to the hospital. Ultimately the patient decided to go home. If any further emergency he was told to call 911.

The points to be noted in this incidence is:

1. There is a well oiled system of emergency response, which people can avail in such situations.

2. The emergency response centers (Fire Station) are strategically located so that they reach the spot in very short time.

3. The ER personnel are very trained to gauge the situation and do carry all the emergency equipment - For PCR, Stretcher, Heart/Pulse monitors, First-Aid, etc. If needed patient will be started on drip until the vehicle reach hospital and attended to.


@kbsyed - Re: Real-time example of emergency response in USA!

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And, this is what makes this or most of the western countries great. If you notice, there is a reason why these countries are developed, more organized and better well oiled. For everything there is a system which is put in place and the people make it work..especially so in America.

Continuous Improvement!

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What makes it good is the efforts involved in making it work and remain relevant with change in needs, time and technology.

It is not a rocket science to understand the success of the institutions, systems in US and other developed world. When you closely look at the evolution of each of the institution, systems one learns that from the time they are instituted, systems, institutes have been allowed to work, reviews are done periodically, shortcomings are noted and addressed and regularly they are upgraded to make them compatible with changing times, technology, needs and most importantly to deliver the service better.

It is not that when these were introduced initially they worked like a champ. They had their own failures, wrongs, but over time they have been corrected and improved upon to work better.

These are the secrets of systems in US working so wonderfully. Not hard to practice elsewhere.

It is a complex thingie

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I think 1-0-8 handles all the emergency responses like Medical, fire and police. And its well known to everyone. Also, 108 EMRI has lot of state of art technology in reaching an accident spot and also they are implementing traffic signal preemption, which is under government review. Premption helps an ambulance to force a signal to green there by helping it to reach the destination quickly. Considering that our cities are not planned for this much of population density, it takes sometime for these facilities to improve. 

Government has its own limitations of budget, technology reliability, getting experienced medicos, and maintaining these facilities.

But, irrespective of above people should be sensitized about helping accident victims, I think most of them are scared about harrasment/questioning by police and thereby try to avoid this. There are lot of sharings on facebook about no questions being asked by police, as per new law, when you help an accident victim but that should be widely publicized by authorities such that common man realizes the same.