Removing tint - A fun for family

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Last week end was a special activity for my family. Duel purpose ! Abide law, have fun..

You know (my) kids always like distruction !!! So gave them opportunity to "destroy" tint from my good old car. So they go take revenge against me, for not getting them a new car.

So action was swift. Within 30-45 mins all done. Best part was old "501" was super to good remove adhesive from glass after peeling off tinting sheets.


So a clean car. What was your experience as DDC member while removing tints?


What is current state of enforcement?

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It seems the removal of tinted glass become old now. I see still tinted glasses in car.  BTP needs to maintain consistancy in enforcement.

On lighter note: I was expecting insentive for removing my "costly" tint from car, lol :)

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"

not too strict..

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enforcement is not too strict..even I removed a very expensive 3M tint..however I see lot of cars with darker tints still plying on the streets without issues..

I travel on OMR regularly..I see lot of Andhra/TN cars with dark tints passing thru traffic without issues..

I was once stopped by an officer at trinity circle..he asked me to lower glass and felt the little gum that was left out while removing and chuckled and said 'innu remove madilla ankonde'

Now feel bad I removed my perfectly legal tint!