Let us list all pedestrian danger zones

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Pedestrian Infrastructure

Bheema, hope you don't mind me posting this in the DDC project. I was thinking that we list down all pedestrian danger spots that we touch daily in our commutes. 10+ new flyovers or underpasses on Outer ring road, but only 1 pedestrian bridge (near K R Puram). Its getting worse, with no visible plans. I am scared that I will knock down a pedestrian one of these days. Since there is fat chance that our City will do anything serious about pedestrians, its only practical that we spread awareness of such danger zones amongst the DDC guys :)

Anyway, starting this post for all of us to mark down these pedestrian danger spots on the roads we frequent. Could create a separate project to keep a list of such spots if there is interest.

PS: To post a live map in the comment, do this. 1) In a separate tab in your browser, open this gmap macro maker link, 2) Once you have marked your spots on the map, go to the bottom of gmap macro maker, copy the contents of the box that says "macro text" 3) paste this macro text in your comment/post etc as it is 4) now, after you post, this macro text will be replaced with a map as you built it


Spice Garden, Kalamandir and more, around Marathahalli area

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Marking some spots around Marathahalli, where I see pedestrians struggle to cross Varthur Road or Outer Ring Road. Listing them in order, sorted by danger level for pedestrians

  1. Near Spice Garden. Lot of Bus users cross over from Apartments side (rohan/purva etc) to come to the Bus stand on the other side. Looks really dangerous, esp when people come in the line of vehicles speeding down the railway bridge
  2. Near Kalamandir. People trying to cross Outer ring Road, mainly after getting down from a Bus, to cross over to the other side to walk to a Bus stand on Varthur Road. Dangerous.
  3. Near Innovative multiplex. See lots of pedestrians run across, to the Bus stand or to shops on service road.
  4. About 200 meters before the above spot, right near the cut in the media on ORR, tons of rushed road crossers in the line of fire
  5. Two spots right on top of ORR/Varthur Road underpass. The signal is always green (!!), there used to be a small red for pedestrians to cross, no longer there. So pedestrians cross at their own risk. thank god traffic is thick and slow here, so the risk gets lowered a bit.
  6. Kundalahalli Gate - Varthur Road traffic straight signal time.

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ORR / Sarjapur road side - few spots

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Few more around SArjapur Road / ORR area that I hit into

  1. Right before the left curve on ORR, before Sarjapur Road flyover, lots of people cross over. Have seen pedestrians getting injured at this spot, have come close to touching a few myself
  2. HSR Layout 27th main intersection - people get down from Buses, and cross ORR. Saw an old man, with walking stick almost getting knocked down by a Zen just yesterday!

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ORR from end to end

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ORR is full of colleges, shopping malls and departmental stores, but not a single pedestrian bridge. Its a travesty really..

A few that come to mind immediately..

* ORR near New Horizon College

* ORR near Eco Space

* ORR after Sarjapur flyover, going towards Silk Board Junction.

* Silkboard itself

Isn't this list going to be endless? We have 5 overhead bridges and/or underpasses in the whole city that I can count..

1. Near Intel on Old Airport Road

2. KR Puram

3. Market Area


5. Railway Station



easier to list safe zones

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It would be easier to list the pedestrian safe zones, isn't it? By default all zones are pedestrian danger zones.

Actually I cannot think of

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Actually I cannot think of any decent, walkable pedestrian regions in Bangalore. If one gets made it quickly gets encroached by shops, vendors or cars - car owners seems to think they have the right to park on the footpath in front of their house if the road has `No Parking'. 

Be that as it may I think one of the more unpleasant pedestrian zones is just ouside Yeswantpur station on Tumkur road. It is possible that the metro may ease that if they allow people to cross using the station but I dont know. Anyway, its a little far to cross and also people would have to climb up and down.

Recently a lot of fanfare has been made about footpaths in Malleswaram - both 15th Cross and 9th Cross have been `improved'. However, on 15th Cross the footpath is still quite unwalkable - full of ups and downs and cars. On 9th Cross it is already encroached by vendors and shoe shops. And they have put fencing in order to prevent people from using it. Added to this there are a lot of random wires lying around making it more hazardous. The proof of success is if people use it - but that does not seem to be relevant to our MLAs/BBMP people who spend crores of public money on such things - most of which ends in their pockets.

Some which comes to my mind

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1. Old Madras Road near Hanging Bridge -  Deadliest. Lots of people risk their life while going to KR Puram Railway station from opposite end. Also, Hoskote buses stop above Hanging bridge. People have to cross the road after getting down from the bus.

2. ORR stretch from Silkboard to Hebbal. This stretch is like freeway without pedestrain facilities.

3. All the Big 10 roads - Tumkur Road, Hosur Road, Kanakapura Road, Old Madras Road, Bellary / Airport Road , Mysore Road, Magadi Road - This again is like freeway without pedestrain facilities.

4. Corporation Circle  / Basaveshwara Circle - Again, this is Bus changing junction without pedestrain facilities with lots of pedestrains crossing the roads to change the buses.

5. Silkboard Junction - This again being bus changing junction is a risky one to walk on.

Safe Zone is M G Road, Brigade Road. Cabbies, Truck Traffic and City buses are not present here which makes it lot different. Also, traffic cops are very strict in this zone.

Staggered Crossing should be implemented to allow sufficient pedestrain cycles like shown in the video link below: