RTI response from SCR on MMTS

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A few questions were asked of SCR regarding the MMTS suburban service of Hyderabad. Mostly to get a good understanding of how the entire system was rolled out. 

The questions asked is in the below embedded document
MMTS Hyderabad RTI Application
The current ridership has gone up 10 times the 2009 figures given in the below response
MMTS Hyderabad RTI Reply - Vol1
The report in the below response tells you how much civil works have gone into making the service accessible showing it not just about running trains.
MMTS Hyderabad RTI Reply - Vol3


Andhra govt participation..

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..it looks like the state govt there shared half of the project cost and worked very closely with railaways..though the amount iteself is pittance compared to what we are spending here in blr on metro and other unnecessary grand plans!

this is indeed good insight..so is it that ktk govt is not doing something right or anything right?

Yes 50-50 share, even GoK is

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Yes 50-50 share, even GoK is verbally commited to 50-50 share. Regarding action, they are sleeping. Some estimates say Bangalore needs Rs80,000 crore of investment for public transport over the next 20 yeas. Even 1% of that on commuter rail can go a long way.

A 5 page DPR!

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Interesting to note that the so called "Detailed Project Report" of MMTS is only 5 page. There is no such 'Details' as SCR claims.

Praja report carries much more depth and it is more than 36 pages. How true was the GOK official who commented "Where there is will there is railway, otherwise it is a survey, feasability study etc.".

Passenger and Non-Passenger Revenue!

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According to SCR's response on 2009-10 revenue generated from Passenger and non-MMTS operations,

Passenger Revenue - 12.39 Crores

Advertisements - 1.94 Crores

Parking - 32.66 Lakhs

MMTS carried 1.2 lakh passengers per day

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In 2009-10, MMTS carried 36 Lakhs passenger every month. That amounts to 1.2 lakhs passengers per day.

Praja report projected for 1.5 lakh passengers per day.

Praja report projected

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Praja report projected for 1.5 lakh passengers per day

Based on 2001 pop census data. There has been atleast a 40% increase since then. We took similar catchment area for calculation <1km walktrips & upto 4kms feeder trips. Notice that MMTS started with 40K ridership in the initial years & grew as it became more convinient.

111 trips per day is being run per the RTI. Recent enhancements in service have incresed it to 120+

MMTS Statement fo Works (SOW)

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If one reads the 'MMTS Hyderabad RTI Reply - Vol3', would come accros a good amount of details and information on MMTS Hyderabad making.

Even though SCR treats the first 5 Pages of the whole document as DPR, but it contents doesn't match its name. Some general description and a bunch of proposals are written there.

Interestingly the next 13 pages which SCR marks as "Socio-Economic Benefits", there is nothing in the content to categorize as socio-economic benefits. But it is actually a statement of works (SOW). It lists all the works that were undertaken in each of the stations both existing as well as the new ones. Here is an example.

Falknuma Station (Existing)


  1. Booking Office - 1 No.(4 Counters)
  2. Cover Over Platform - 1x32 Meters
  3. Improvements to Platform surfacing
  4. Water taps: 3 pedestals on each platform
  5. Toilet with facility for PH
  6. Seating pedestals
  7. Circulating area: 1000 m2 with Car and 2 Wheeler parking

Open Line

  1. Adjustments to platform heights & lateral distance to coping to suit EMUs
  2. Improvements to existing booking office.

Necklace Road (New)

  1. Platforms - 2x275 m HL
  2. Booking Office - 2 Nos (4 counters each)
  3. Foot Over bridge
  4. Cover over Platforms - 2x55mx9m
  5. PF taps - 6 pedestals on ecah platform
  6. Approach ramps with hand railing
  7. Seating - 6 benches on each PF
  8. Toilet - 1 No. each for Gents and Ladies.
  9. Circulating area - 5000 m2 with Car and 2 Wheeler parking

A good amount of information that could serve as template for Bengaluru CRS's detailed project report.


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I feel Bangalore State govt dint concentrate on Rail Transport as much as Bus Transport.Forget about the Commuter Rail service they dont have important long distance  rail routes.



I think you are absolutely right SWR should take the help of SCR as it has experience in it.

I think it can be easily done provided the government is really willing to implement.