No response from Mr Madhu's office

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Want to share with all that I have tried several times to contact Mr Madhu for a meeting to share our now-ready CRS report with him. Have sent emails to his, and his PA's office, at least 5 emails. Have made at least 3 calls to his office as well. The person at other end, on one occasion, carried a chit for him while he was in the middle of a meeting.

Some of us took half day leaves from our work to meet him that day. We started on this report after our meeting with him, where during the meeting, he asked us to come back with a report summarizing our thoughts and suggestions. Now that the report is ready, and people have spent serious time putting it together, its only fair to expect him to at least accept the report.

He just got additional responsibilities, so its likely that he is busy with increased work load. We will try reach him again this week, email as well as phone, and in case there is no response yet again, we will assume that he didn't really expect us to complete it when he suggested that we prepare a written report.

Doesn't matter how good or bad the report is, nor do we expect any guarantees from him regarding the report. For all you know, he may have seen 5 other similar or better reports. The thing is about keeping promises, and encouraging right and constructive ways of engaging (that promotes). Being unresponsive is discouraging and disapponting to say the least.



cares more for high speed rail and all

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no money no honey, alva. high speed rail jai ho. simple simple things no no.

Send mail to and talk to his PS

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We wil ltry our efforts  and its difficult process. 

I have tried couple of times for MP Ananth Kumar appointment for submitting the report, but no result till now. You send the mail to him at the following ID's and after few days speak to his PS Mr Narayan Gambhir for appointment to submit the report. and

Ph : 080 26568483, 080 26568484



Send the mail to CM of Karnataka

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Dear All Praja Members,

Requesting all those who support for Commuter Rail for Bangalore, kindly send your request to CM of Karnataka so that public demand is posted to BS Yeddyurappa, Chief minister of Karnataka. This is the following link :


Creating a petition here ..

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Will create a special petition here by Sunday that members can fill and, and upon completion, it will send emails to CM and Ananth Kumar.

Request everyone who believes in Commuter Rail to fill it. Let us target at least 100 emails.

Updates - moving okay. Thanks Mr Madhu for your time

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I did talk of petitions etc, but none of this is required right now. The event at IISc is coming up, and we have been sending the report to local netas and babus.

Thanks to the help from CiSTUP, we managed to catch up wit Mr Madhu to discuss the report. 4 of us presented the report to him in a meeting where he had invited South Western railways as well. Sadly though, the right officials from SWR did't turn up.

Madhu's reactions were neither negative, nor positive. The "railways wont do it, its tough" tone was discouraging. But the fact that he called us up for a presentation, and tried to bring SW Railways in was positive.

The job of connecting the right arm to to the left (state govt, railways), and pushing the two regularly is left to us (citizens). Not that we won't do it. But I do wonder how government depts decide on priority of projects proposals they receive.

NAMMA RAILU Really good step

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Banner of NAMMA RAILU is really good, its come up very well.

Now we have created  platform for the public to express their views on the Commuter Rail / Local Trains.

With CiSTUP  extending the support, we need to  keep the pressure on IDD, Railways and Politicians to get the project take off.

Long Way to go ,  but we are in that direction.

Admins, It is really Nice, Thanks!

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Really nice campaign pages for Namma Railu. I really liked the overall structure and organization fo information.

I am sure the site members and guests will find it easy to find the available info on Namma Railu campaign.

Thanks for all the efforts.