Did Railway Board Lie to Tumkur MP Shri. G. S. Basavaraj?

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Commuter Rail

In July 2011, Railway Board in a letter responding to Tumkur MP Shri. G. S. Basavaraj's request for CRS between Tumkur and Bengaluru, had indicated that they have asked South Western Railways, Hubli, to discuss this proposal with Government of Karnataka. Here is that letter.

This was followed up by one of Namma Railu Team member with both Railway Board and SWR Hubli by filling RTI applications. Though Railway Board did not respond to the RTI, SWR responded. SWR in the reply denies having received any such communication from the Railway Board. Did Railway Board lied to the Tumkur MP? It looks like it.


Here are the original RTI questions and the SWR reply.NOTE: Pay attention to the Question # 1 and SWR's answer.


SWR's reply to the above RTI.



This is a serious matter?

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This is serious matter and we should request Tumkur MP to take up this matter with the PM and Railway Ministry.


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Agree Syed, this is serious! Either SWR or Railway board - one of them is incorrect here.

Satindra Pal Chopra RTI with Railway Board

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Satindra Pal Chopra's Letter to previous Railway Board Chairmen and RTI questions. 


He even filed PIL in Karnataka High court earlier too.   He had  followed very seriously with Earlier Chief Sec of GOK  S V Ranaganath too.


YPR - MRJ train to be reintroduced & regularised

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Train # 06517 & 06518 was one of the successful train running with 90% occupancy rate & with no reason this has been cancelled.   Its important to re introduce this & make it as a daily train.  Concerned people please strive to get this on track at the earliest.

It seems CRS was going ahead

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It seems CRS was going ahead full steam, but there has again hit a roadblock. 

The idea seems to be not to give anything to certain section of the society even if it reduces traffic, if it is more cost effective,  then money and technology is not a factor.  The reasons are many, one is lack of socialism-- public transport is best supported by socialism. Even in terms of capitalism, there has to be freedom to make investment in any project, which is not happening.

Metro work did not start for 30 years after it was planned until the contractors becaem influential. BMTC is not interested in keeping buses clean and running at peak hours, starting new routes; it is only interested in buying new buses.  There is antipublic transport sentiment going on. The politics behind it seems to be the maintenance of the hierarchies in the society, which tries to spread to the villages to cities, or it was actually there in the cities all the time.  BJP came to power for fist time even then they did little for CRS. If the railway is not ivesting in new commuter rail project, they should close down existing services or transfer to another agency, so that every city is treated equally. The commuters in the cities with CRS having advantage over other cities.


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It wasnt cancelled for no-reason- it was sharing slot with 12630 Samprak kranit express in the return- Now 22685/86 Sampark kranti to Chandigarh was introduced in that time slot as bi-weekly- so they had to cancel 06517/18


anyway its not fully cancelled- its now running as a bi-weekly between YPR and MRJ 

I wonder if its required to

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I wonder if its required to terminate the 06517/18 YPr-MRJ at MRJ- of course its about 2 hrs faster than the Rani chennamma but I feel a connection of this train or extension of it upto Pune can also do a lot of benefit- 

On SBC-Pune route it can take the present Swarna jayanti slot between ASK and Pune-leave by 9 Pm and reach by 4Pm-Return also it can take the same slot which s free for 6 days a week by leaving Pune around 9:30 and reaching YPr by 4:45 so timings will also be comfortable with early arrival late departure-but issue is it will be a complete day train from UBL to Pune and vice-versa