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6.7 KM elevated road from Chalukya circle to Hebbal

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Traffic jams



Today its officially declared that BDA is going ahead with Elevated Fly over from Chalukya Circle to Hebbal, My concern perhaps many have the same are as follows..

1. The flyover should not start from Sophia School. It should cross the signal at chalukya circle, otherwise they are encouraging traffic jams at chalukya circle

2.why to destroy exisisting so called magic box's - It can be used for two wheelers/pedistanian crossing.

3.why dont they give down/up ramps to the elevated flyover where ever possible, like a ramp from palace road, gangena halli, so that people who want to go to  near by areas can use the flyover.

4.where ever there is a signal, they have to provide a underpass/sky walk for the pedistrains...which is neglected everytime.

5.Since the BBMP is widening the palace road, its apt for BBMP to construct underpass @ TV tower, so that the signal is avoided there.

6. final point and most important one, BBMP is widening the road to 150 feet (palace road), they should ensure lanes are marked clearly, like cycle lane, bus lane, etc.. so that people who are using cycle on that streth benefit immensly.


Anybody wants to add or delete or make any suggestion welcome.





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Where are the plans?It is

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Where are the plans?

It is seen that BDA is not really open in sharing or public consultation for its projects..and we have ended up with big blunders like magic boxes, richmond rd flyover, National College Bridge, KR circle plan etc..and they seem to facinated with the word 'signal-free'. The only good news here is that the 'Magic' boxes will be taken out!

Anyways, the first thing that comes to mind is to have additional entry and exit ramps, atleast at the Mekhri circle, so that it can cater to airport and beyond hebbal traffic getting there.

And comes the point of re-designing the road infra below the bridge, because there will be reduced 'through' traffic. This gives an opportunity to completely revamp the road below. 

  • There can be thoughts of getting circles (round abouts ) back at junctions (Kumarakrupa/BDA/Cauvery/RT ngr/Sanjay ngr)
  • Best pedestrian and cyclists facilities
  • I am sure there is enough space to have some space carved out for a promenade, especially in front of UAS.

The construction of the RUB in Frazer Town set an unique example of public participation where they did not let the bridge to be inagurated without the works under the flyover being completed! This I think is the best thing to be done to call a job complete!

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why magic bridges should go..

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They are temporary (yes, they come with short life)

They are narrow

They are claustrophobic

They do not have drainage 

They can get very dark inside

The give rise to uneven mounds (camel humps)

Pedestrians have no place inside it


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I have paid my respects to

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I have paid my respects to the idea and the BDA here:

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steel bridges

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Finally found a reference in the papers as to what BDA is upto..they are trying to emulate Kolkatta in doing this..

This steel bridge at Ultadanga came crashing down because of bad implementation.

These bridges are very expensive, the only advantage is that they can be put up a little that good enough a reason to splurge?

Precast spans were done most efficiently and fast by L&T on the mysore road flyover!

Guess they could have been entrusted with the job this time too and save money!

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We don't want simple

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We don't want simple solutions. Let us complicate things. comment guidelines

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