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Pedestrian amenities and safety - Bangalore, Swabhimana

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Project to bring to focus problems faced by pedestrians in namma Bengaluru and to find solutions to various issues regarding pedestrian safety and rights via fruitful discussions on the subject between the citizens and various stake holders.

The project is being steered by Swabhimana, an experienced trust dedicated to citizen participation causes in Bangalore. More praja members with interest in the subject should join and help in whatever ways possible. For example: members can start highlighting pedestrian issues in detail via spot surveys in select localities.

Key contacts:

  • Ananda Rao (from Swabhimana not sure if registered here yet)
  • Srivathsa (s_yajaman)
  • Deepak (deepakar)
  • Shekhar Mittal (shekhar_mittal)

A lot of work (meetings with BBMP, Trafic Police etc) has been happening on-ground, just that updates haven't been flowing regularly as Swabhimana folks are not that tech savvy. But that should get fixed once more members get in with them to help out.

[Project created on behalf of Srivathsa and Mr Ananda Rao]


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srivatsa. am interested to

srivatsa. am interested to get involved. i would like to be kept informed about meetings.



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Footpath requirements

While we do go around getting better pedestrian facilities, it is have a document which explicitly and clearly state what they are, what are the IRC specificaitons regarding these etc. This is what we are attempting to do. See link below and see footpath section -

We should combine resources and make sure authorities know what exactly is expected when we say "pedestrian facilities". Please include me in your project team.



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