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Night Life - Is it all about Pubs and Discotheques?

There seems to be a perception in India that nightlife is all about pubs and discotheques. Is it true actually or is there much more to nightlife than just drinking and dancing?

Vizag seems to be showing a different way and ensuring that its denizens are able to enjoy a nightlife sans crime and needless police patrolling.

There has been unnecessary question marks over extension of nightlife by some members of the moral brigade. They would do well to visit Vizag and see how well the government in Andhra has created a cultural space by establishing a night bazaar. Delhi seems to be following suit as well. However, our administrators have a string belief that we ought to sleep by 11. Only those who party can stay on the roads till one in the morning. Keeping eateries open till one is a small mercy that they have shown.

Nightlife is not just about pubs and clubs but a place to hang out where one can be safe and indulge in a little bit of shopping and eating. Most importantly, it is about having a safe transport system running till late night. A city like Bangalore needs a 24*7 transport system. This is unlike what BMTC and BMRCL offer. 




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  Goa and Hyderabad during


Goa and Hyderabad during Naidu's time have shown us how we could showcase culture through night bazaars.  It is a different matter that Hyderabad now has gone back to its curfew culture. 

Vizag seems to be doing the right things now. 

Mumbai has always had a great nightlife. It has not been about Pubs and Discotheques. I remember many late nights at Worli Sea Face. Coffee at CCB then followed by a walk on the sea front munching on Sandwiches from a nearby stall was always pleasure filled.

The various meat stalls at Shivajinagar, KR Market were a late night dinner option. It all stopped with the night curfew in 2008. Even my parents speak fondly of their late night outings back in the 70s at Avenue Road for idlis and dosas. Comeseum a 24 hour outlet at the railway station is thankfully still open. 

Various Indian art forms such as Kathakali, Yakshagana were all performed during night. All this could be part of nightlife. South Karnataka had a great cultural tradition called Company Drama, which was always performed late at nights.

Unfortunately, company drama as means of recreation almost died in Bangalore thanks to lack of safe public transport options. 

I hope BMTC is listening.


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I echo your view. I've lived

I echo your view. I've lived in a city outside India for a period of time, where people (myself included) do even their grocery shopping at 3:00 am or any of the 24 hours of the day or night.

IMHO it directly helps in:

1) Job opportunities for semi-skilled people (sales staff/taxis/ricks/etc.)

2) Spreading the peak hour footfall across the city establishments. (If somebody knows the crowded grocery shop will be open 24X7 there is no need to rush before the store closes.)

Years back when I used to work night shifts on weekdays, there was no way my body would adjust to "Normal" hours on the weekend. Thus I used to remain awake all night & scout the city for places to eat at odd hours. I am sure there will be thousands of people facing the same issue today.

It’s a pity that while the government makes a lot of money in taxes from the companies employing & people working night shifts, there is nothing in return for them. Forget pubs & discotheques, basic eateries running 24X7 would be a big start.


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Feasible options

Night Tour is not fit for bangalore 

Night Bazaar can be a Good option , if 10% of the Bangalore Population starts at Night bazaar

we can avoid Traffic jams in the day 

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