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District-to-District Train Connectivity Matrix

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This is another attempt to understand the railway imprint in Karnataka. This spread sheet represents the matrix of train connectivity between each district. It is one of way of analyzing analytically the actual facts of train connectivity between each district. The perspective or approach is to see how well each district is connected to the other district by train service. In this matrix only the connectivity exist between any 2 districts is marked.

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Train connectivity between districts!

Had the pleasure of preparing a matrix for train connectivity between districts in karnataka state. The Matrix tells the sorry tale of railways in Karnataka. We have a long way before one can boost about  resaonably good railway infrastructure in our state. It will be intresting to lay out a short term and long term plan to boost/increase the railway network in Karnataka. But that will come only with lot of hard work and efforts from large team of enthusiast.

NOTE: In this matrix, the 'D' stands for direct train facility, while C represents the connectivity with upto  max of 2 changes and NC for no connectivity at all. comment guidelines

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