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No permission to cut trees on boulevard

Dear all

It was a vociferous one voice of more than 300 environmentalists that echoed from the Chamundi Hills


- More than 40 concerned people including self, Members of MGP, ACICM, Karnataka Rakshana Vedike, NGOs, RAWs office bearers spoke about the holocast of destroying nature.  Certain legal luminaries also voiced their legal angle and called the Tree Committee as not a legal entity.  There were students from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Marimallappas and other schools who evinced keen interest and took part.   

It was a one voice from all those who had assembled and we wanted the DCF and other officials of MCC to give us a VERDICT and WE GOT THE VERDICT -


Thank You Madam DCF and all concerned in MCC

- Thank you  Prajas for the overwhelming support - we saved our dear trees.

- Vasanthkumar Mysoremath, 8-6-09 /2.30 PM

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Hearty congrats to all

Hearty congrats to all concerned. But, simultaneously, ensure that the matter doesn't come up ever again, perhaps by getting the powers that be moving on completion of the ring road.

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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Well i would like to congrats all of them who have done a noble job...
Trees are of great importance these days...i know we r in the modern age...age of computer and credit card etc...still people must have understand the importance of has accomplished many goals but still it doesnt have any substitute of trees...trees are beatufil and they give us reason to live...u know...well in short...congratz all of u who are doing this noble cause....and i would like to say never stop...keep an eye on them who dont want to let it happen...

Campaign for completion of Ring Road

This is a welcome development. I must personally thank Mr P Manivannan for taking a wise and just decision in this regard. In deed his reccomendations carry a lot of weight.

What is important is that there is a feedback loop involving civic minded citizens and concerned citizens.

Short term gains for people living in that area are too costly and the benefits of a long term solution are needed.

As rightly suggested, completion of the 9 km strech of the Ring Road is essential.

The Prajegalu should start a horata for completion of that strech.

Hopefully, the momentum like this should be sustained and the campaign for better public transport like Commuter Rail, Suburban Rail, Metro Rail, Mono Rail et al and Bus Rapid Transit should be started. 

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Leave Mysore CBD alone-tourists love old city-dev 10 kms beyon


If we say - do not develop, we will be looked up as men from mars.

When I was a protocol officer for many of International Training / Symposiums etc., most of the foreigners were demanding visits to areas around local markets of aam aadmi and Santhe in Srirangapattana, in Mysore -  Devaraja Market and Santhepete in Mysore city.

- One speciality of Mysore tourism is that we see a lot of foreigners moving around on foot inside the old city areas though they were covering their noses to avoid dust and strong smells and eyeing the mudpots on display by Potters, Kumkum/Sambaar vendors, colourful toys etc.

- Makkaji Chauk is being converted into a mall - there used to be a Tonga stand / Private Taxi stand with a Gujri (old things shops) which the foreigners used to enjoy and  for Mysoreans, it was also the cheap and best mode of transport before the Phat Phatties - Autos with tampered meters came. 

- Our request is there is no need to create another hell hole like Bengaluru with flyovers - transfering the chaos and mess of piled up from one point to another - example Ananda Rao Circle fly over

- Please do not construct any massive concrete buildings/ fly overs, underpasses etc.,  within a circumference of 10 kms. from Central Business District -  the epicenter being Mysore Palace and establish nodal transport points in that periphery of 10 kms - do not allow huge buses to enter - have mini buses to ply commuters - reduce heavy vehicle movement inside the old city for a few hours in the night for movement of goods replinishment etc.

- Now that Mr.Manivannan is back in the JNNURM Saddle, we expect positive plans and will honor the vox populie.

- Vasanth Mysoremath

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Balance between old and new

 For once I can agree with VKM.

Identify the historic distric carefully without painting a blanket 10km zone. In this historic district, if you keep pavements and roads clean, remove dust, put in landscape, organize traffic, put signages, make pedestrian and cycle facilities you will have solved lot of problems without destroying anything. Historic districts are there to be visited and experienced not driven through.

New buildings can come up within this historic district but keep the heritage look and feel. Town planning has to approve frontal facade of every new building in this sensitive district. And beyond historical districts provide opportunity for people to put up new and modern structures. Never let the city become one dimensional. 

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Lots of Mysoreans not concerned about Greeneries

Well, after reading Star of Mysore online today I was shocked that many Mysoreans wanted the road to be widened without the regards for tree saying that 'Human life is more important than trees' and the branches of the tree had fallen on many passerbyes. Even the editor has supported the same.

Mysore not having seen the 'AXE' effect as seen in Bangalore, people do not realize the importance of trees. They want what Bangalore has got including wide roads at the cost of trees.

In Bangalore, for the RV Road metro stretch, there is so much of protest. Metro being very important transport it is justifiable to some extent if inevitable.

But, road widening is no where near that. Lots of trees went off in the name of road widening for BIAL which was realized only after loosing.


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organic development

Let me echo what VKM and IDS have finally converged on. Take all your modern ideas of development - six/ eight lane/ elevated high-speed corridors; METRO; 250-storey glass & steel buildings (though I may not agree with most of them) - to outside the inner city, particularly in a place like Mysore, whose heritage value is immeasurable - no MASTERCARD can ever even attempt to cover it. And, please let the inner city develop a little more organically.

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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Journalism at its lowest...espousing the minority issue???

IDS Sir,

How nice to find that we agree to agree with each other, even if it for once!!!

With reg to para 1, while I agree with your take about development of citizens centric infrastructural development, it will be difficult for me to accept your point on para 2 about allowing buildings to come up.   Have you seen monstro-city designs of the JNNURM funded transport related mega bus stands/malls being constructed within the city and in towns around Mysore?   Heritage value is Nil in these designs and while civil works/constructions to finish off JNNURM funds are in full flare, real transport needs of commuters are only in ground floors of these concrete CO2 spewing buildings.  It is necessary to have a cap of 10 kms from Mysore Palace, the epicenter of our beloved Heritage Mysore City.  You may think of settling down like me after winding up lock stock and barrel.

Murali Sir, U R right - organic development is what is being espoused by me and thanks.

Vasanth, pages can be written about the type of journalism that is being followed in the present days by certain newspapers.  Unfortunately, no other English eveninger exists in Mysore.    Espousing the cause of a miniscule masters of destruction by wasting so many number of pages of newsprint with photographs of those terminators of nature, itself smacks of either ignorance or wanton abandon of the green concern.  

'Also read my interview in Sanje Vaani - 8-6-09' 

There were more than 500 people who were against such rape of mother nature and their photos also should have been printed.  

- Vasanth Mysoremath




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Agreement didnt last long

 it will be difficult for me to accept your point on para 2 about allowing buildings to come up.

Now you are from mars

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K B Ganapathy's ulterior motive

Many Mysoreans as reported by 'Star of Mysore' ARE NOT in favour of balding Narasimharaja Boulevard.

Infact, Mr K B Ganapathy who has an ulterior motive of making his commute to his office much easier wants the road to be baldened (not widened).

It is only the vocal car driving minority which wants this.

Sorry to mention this - by Mr K B Ganapathy is treating Star of Mysore as his own personal journal. Many other papers like 'The Hindu' (Mysore Edition) is not batting for widening of the Narasimharaja Boulevard.

Thankfully, we have competition in the media sector. Mr Ganapathy is stuck in the stone ages thinking he can manufacture consent for Mysoreans.

Why don't the prajegalu of Mysore campaign for better public transport instead of buying into wholesale the American nightmare after Fordism?

I am happy this decision was not granted by the DCF.

Vox Poppuli, Vox Dei! 

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Metro / Mono tree cutting can it be compared to road widening?

True Cadambi Sir. I read your note in the Voice of Reader of Star of Mysore. Below that he is commenting that even Metro or Mono cut trees and gives example of Lalbagh.

Can we really compare the traffic volume of Bangalore to Mysore, it is not even 10% of Bangalore.  So, there is no need to do anything.

Second point is can we compare the Metro / Mono with that of Wide roads. It occupies only or less than 2 lanes, but the alignment through the CBD and Greener areas will cause the problem. Not the width like the roads.

Also, people carrying capacity, the emissions and the faster travel if we compare, Metro / Mono it justifies trees cutting if it is inevitable, but not road widening.

I don't know why an editor of K B Ganapathy's caliber is not thinking in the right direction.

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The Bangalore Mysore road

The Bangalore Mysore road before widening had so many trees. I believe that was one of the most beatiful roads. Sadly there were not much effort save the trees on that road then and the contractors do not seemed to have cared much. I hope now we can have more balanced development. comment guidelines

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