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Bill payments - need for 'Mysore One' Centers/Kiosks

Mr.Manivannan, DC, Mysoru

Mysoreans are finding it difficult to pay taxes/dues of various service bills, like water, electricity, property, telephone bills, passport submission etc., and they have to run from one end of the city to another to make timely payments.  Citizen centric efficient e.Governed tax collection methodology is being seen as the best possible solution and BANGALORE ONE centers/KIOSKS established at convenient places are rendering very good service to the citizens in Bengaluru. Many centers are working 24x7. 

It will be convenient if this suggestion is considered and MYSORE ONE  centers are established at convenient places around the city as an e.Governance IT initiative of MCC/District Administration to make the citizens' lives that much comfortable.  Paying of various bills at one place will reduce citizens commuting distances to pay different bills at different places and also result in less fuel consumption and less emission of green house gases that result in climatic change and global warming/global dimming. 

I am sure citizens of Mysore will be grateful for this IT initiative for MYSORE ONE Centers/KIOSKS. Locations may be selected on the basis of citizens visits to market areas for their daily needs etc. This will help them to achieve the twin objects of marketing as well as bills payment. 

With kind regards
Vasanthkumar Mysoremath

PS:  If it is already being considered, please ignore this suggestion. comment guidelines

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