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Example of BMTC Local Shuttles for Bannerghatta Road

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Hello All,

Here i am once again, i had promised long back to explore more on problems with BMTC in bannerghatta road. So here are some of the major problems.

BMTC busses currently ply only from the main bannerghatta road and it does not penetrate the interiors of bannerghatta road. Interiors on either side of bannerghatta road is pathetic with no proper asphalt. It seems to me that no one has taken interest in improving the conditions these roads. Most of the roads have been occupied by petty shops making the interior existing roads small.

These prevent already aling and struggling BMTC to make it to the interoirs or may be due to the lack of think tanks and planning that we have witnessed in every area of bangalore for all these years. Couple of routes which are missing from Bannerghatta road are as given below

1. There is no direct bus from bannerghatta road to Kormangala, Domlur, Indiranagar, electonic city . If they introduce busses to kormangala every 10 min, then it think traffic situation would improve a lot.(May be this is also lobbyingor pure negligence).

2. Connectivity from main bannerghatta road to interiors of bannerghatta is pathetic or NULL. People use autos (who are rash and charge as they will, may be this also contributes a lobby).

3. There is no vayu vajra buses from bannerghtta road to International Aiport. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Below here are some internal routes on either side of bannerghatta road which has come up with very little study of bannerghtta area till hulimavu and meenakshi temple.

1. Example of internal routes to bannerghatta road for Devarachikkana halli - schdule every 10 mins. It takes 30 mins to complete this route



2. Internal routes from Arkere, Hulimavu to bannerghatta main road - schdule every 10 mins. It takes 20 mins to complete this route



3. Internal routes from Mico Layout, Arkere to bannerghatta main road - schdule every 10 mins. It takes 20 mins to complete this route



Pls click on links above to have a detailed look. I hope this post would motivate BMTC soon enough that, we can see some improvement in years to come.....


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micro routing

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nice post bangalorean. between naveen, narayan, trans, vasanth and SB routes it is appearing that more and more of us beginning to converge on this idea of micro routes and the idea of connecting natural sources and sinks. these are two issues that i think that most of us understand now. narayan, bangalorean and SB and trans. folks can you share your kml markups please? it will be interesting to map all of these on the same map and see if some sort of pattern is developing.
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Villages Just Joined Bangalore without restructuring

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Lots of villages in the vicinity joined Bangalore as the Bangalore kept growing. These villages were very poorly planned with narrow roads to enable the cycles to move around. BBMP just tarred these roads. As people got money, old houses were demolished and new houses were built in the same area. Now we see modern built houses with very narrow roads. Some of the examples are the vicinity of Bannerghatta Road, Avalahalli near Srinagar, Hoskerehalli. Local boys of these areas just take a bike, without proper driving skills they drive rashly and on the wrong side in the surrounding areas making themselves happy. Second comes the goods autos. There will be small workshops or small industries within these narrow roads, usually houses converted to workshops or so. These goods autos or sometimes Swaraj Mazdas will be travelling hapazordally. Then comes our Auto Rajas. If somebody takes a car inside these localities, they will really become mad and it is very difficult to come out of these localities  without scratches and dents.

As per the say 'if you can't beat them, join them' , it is better to travel in Autos inside these small roads. A shared auto, preferrably a 7 seater shared auto based on Tata Magic platform running around these localities will be good choice for local shuttle from Bannerghatta road.


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Local shuttles - the way forward

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Nice post Bangalorean! 

Really, this is a cheap yet effective, and not just a short term measure to extend the reach of public transport. We got to spread awareness about this "source and sink" model to all. Hope more members will write similar posts with route maps for their areas.

There are two advantages of local shuttles: 

1) consolidation of buses into fewer trunk services - In general, every "area" or "zone" has 2 or 3 trunk/big roads running through it. BMTC  tends to run variants of their routes/services (123A 123B, 123C etc) to cover all the trunk roads going through an area. They can do local shuttles instead and put the "variants" back into the main services to increase their frequencies.

2) "segregation" of local and long distance commuters - With local shuttles in all areas, the long route services can have fewer bus stops. The analogy is running express trains vs passengers or locals. 

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Are these about to start?

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We have been waiting for ever now to see local shuttles implmented to supplement Big10 routing. Hoping that services like these will soon start around BG Road, Hosur Road, Hennur Road etc.

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Touch base with Manjari/Syed plz..

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Please touch base with Manjari/Syed. they should help you point to the right peoople at BMTC.

From the last meeting with BMTC that I participated in, I have a sense that they are 'willing' to consider these suggestions. They may not necessarily start these route as-is, but its good for us to communicate our thoughts to them.

And when you do so, please provide a little more of your rationale in coming up with the routes, than just providing the routes themselves.

Keep the good wwork going.

-Srivatsava V

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Google - deafult mapping tool here?

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 I am not sure if you are the same as tarlesubba, but your suggestion on a combining the kmls is wonderful.

I think we should make Google maps as the default mapping tool of ours. Make all our posting available as notes on Google maps, and in the next 6 months, we should have a single route map touching almost every area of Bangalore.

I remember Naveen telling me that he had used Either city map drawings for his East Surjandas road post. Its good to have one standard tool, and all us of building our thoughts there.

Note:  If any of you dont understand kml, its okay. just copy the link of the Google map that you built in your post and yoou are done :)

-Srivatsava V

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Good plan by "BANGALOREAN"

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I'm glad to know the public like bangalorean is good enough in routing rather than the apponted BMTC officals.

Hello, bangalorean.. can we meet up so that we can further discuss on this.... for your kind information........... startying from this APRIL, I have spoke to the CTM(O), DTO, ATM's at the central offices over the phone about the connectivity issue from the bannergatta rd to INDRA Nagar, ITPL, E-CITY and Vijaynagar.

But the response was the same from all of the above officals. it was" we can't provide direct connectivity from all parts of banagalore to all parts of banagalore.

So, my reply was.. I'd request you officals to take a survey so as to why almost 50% or more passengers get down from the buses coming from the bannergatta / gottegre areas???

I'd request the like minded to join hands so that we can do something.

We request the PRAJA to help us in this regard. comment guidelines

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