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Illegal bore-wells mushrooming in Bangalore - How do we spend on neighbor's dream - PART 1

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This article is a light note on observations/experiences of someone who has undergone construction of a dream house of a neighbour. Probably most of you have undergone this state, if you are/were in Bangalore. This happened in a outer belt of "greater" Bangalore. Here we go:

We are living in an isolated new layout in Bangalore. So we had already safety concerns and usual problems with BBMP(no garbage collection in spite of solid waste management tax), BWSSB (poor sewage system) etc...etc.. Here comes a neighbour, saying he is going to build a house just in next site.

After living for 2 years peacfully this was double edged shock. First, peaceful life gone. Second, a positive one, we get safety situation a little better.

Before construction started, it was like a clean and green surrounding with lovely sounds of nature(birds, cows, sheeps had a kingdom here)

There and then, came a huge borewell machine. The site owner and our future owner comes. "Sir, we are digging a borewell today. Doing Ganga Pooja. Sorry please bear with us with sound and dust for a day". We say to ourselves "Go to hell, you are sucking ground water and making watertable down further". But outside face says "Oh, welcome. Sure, we will come to pooja. All the best". Borewell digging goes for the whole day with thunders, lightning, factory and hammer and all other sound modes. While digging we ask casually outside (but very upset inside) :"By the way, you got license to dig". He says " Saaar, all are corrupt in BWSSB.why we should we give some money for digging a borewell in our land. If they come in future, I will pay 'something' to make a Sakrama". We smile(with a deep pain inside) and say "Yaayaa, thats a waste to register borewell". The digging goes on till 11pm in night. Owner finally comes with huge-wide smile in face. "Saar, we dont dont disturb other, I have asked them to stop drilling. We want our future neighbors to be friendly". Then we ask casually "Did you get water?". He proudly says "Saaar, I got good stream ofwater in 170 feet itself. But you know we dont know future, So I have asked them to drill to just 800 feet, now 600 feet only. Tomorrow they will continue , because we care about you a lot". We say "Oh, its ok" Next day they "finish" with 900feet. We ask what happened? He says "Saaaar, I asked them to "stap" it, but borewell guy said 900 is a good number.". By the time he uttered this our ears had gone deaf due to borewell machine sound. All our terraces, gardens, and ground is covered with rock powders. The storm water drains choked with borewell digging waste. Oh, they are gone,as their work is done. We took  two days to clear the mess within our compound and surroudings :(

Dear Karnataka Pollution Control Board, where is your sound level norms for digging borewell? Dear BWSSB, are you notified for borewell digging? Dear BWSSB, where do we have norms for digging borewell? Dear geology department, are you not concerned with borewell  density?


To be continued...







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We have had a similar

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We have had a similar experience in Krishna Garden- RR Nagar. 

We were forced to go for a direct injection system to revive our borewell. An RTI query has elicited no response. 

Someone has dug a borewell on his open plot and he is supplying the water from that borewell to a nearby tech park. BBMP and BWSSB are passing the buck and doing nothing over it. comment guidelines

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