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The "Trishanku" Layouts in Bangalore !

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Well, we are aware of so many layouts nemely "private" or "gated" layouts in Bangalore. One of my friend happens to live in such a layout. Here is "story" of  his layout.

He calls it "Trishanku" Layout. Check out story of Trishanku. Though it may not tally with full sequence of story, some mapping can be done :) The layout is well designed, BDA standard compliant, well built. Seems to have gone through BDA approval process well(?). All documents in place. Adjesent to BDA layouts and surrounded by BDA layouts. As of now, no water scarcity problem. So all is well(swarga for outsiders)

But then whats wrong? Why Trishanku name? Here comes the list of related facts.

1) The developer has sold almost all sites and got his profit. So does not care to maintain roads, street lamps, sewage system. All primary for good living. The developer claims that no one pays fees. He does not have any system to keep their contacts and collect (maintenance) fees. So literally no maintenace of this swarga developer allowed the layout to have freefall like Trishanku.

2) They came to know that developer has cheated BDA while getting inspection done for sewage system. The sewage system collects all the sewage from layout perfectly and bring to a central outlet point. But surprise, no out let to join with BWSSB system ! The outlet pipe is fake, a 4-6 feet long pipe with dead-end !!! But then after inspection, developers created a temporary outlet to storm water drain (kaluve) in absense of BDA inspectors. As they did "jugaad" when no one occupied site, problem was not exposed (or even didnt exist, coz no sewage created)

3) When they contacted BBMP for street lamp maintenance, BBMP rejected and said it was the duty of the developer to do the maintenance as it not "handed over" to BBMP. Not sure what they mean. (Praja's help solicited to understand this process). They were not sending garbage truck. Reason being same. They went to BESCOM when a transformer distribution panel blasted in rain. BESCOM was very clear to say "The developer has given in writing that untill layout has 25% occupants(~35 houses) electrical system will be maintained by developer" But then asked what if developer denies to do? No reply.

4) They approached the BWSSB for correcting the sewage system. BWSSB washed their hands by saying it does not belong to their "service area"

5) They approached BDA and narrated issue and asked for help regarding sewage system. BDA said they approved based on the visual inspection that time. Now nothing can be done regarding that !

6) Interesting BBMP has no objections or concerns or questions while collecting taxes :)

7) But then residents (like Vishwamithra) not ready to accept the free-fall of swarga layout (not by will but no alternatives). They replace distribution panel with  their own money. They maintain/replace bad street lights, dispose garbage in scientific way (with "casual" help of BBMP though), see that sewage is not overflowing by preventive maitenance. They pick-up trash from road, grow trees along with roads. They are dying hard to maintain it as swarga  with their own effort.

 He is asking me being at such a  poor conditions non-delivery of public utilities, no one to seek help from elected representitives on what basis the residents have to be dutiefull citizens of Bangalore? Question is open.....






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Apologies for double submit...

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Sorry, It seems the blog got submitted twice. May I request admins to delete one. They are same (true copies). Apologies again.

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BIAPPA does it well to

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BIAPPA does it well to control this kind of situations..they allow the developer to sell/register 70% of the plots at a cetrain stage of layout development..the roads must be done, drains in place, electricity etc..the rest 30 % can be registered only when everything else is completed including RWH and connections to all utilities are available etc..

This is to prevent the greedy developers from running away from their responsibilities you state above..

Only wish BDA/BMRDA also could do the same!

About how you fix it now..I see it a hard way for you..visiting each authority individually to get things fixed..I would suggest you create a RWA and register it and approach the authorites! comment guidelines

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