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A (P)resident's blog. Part 2(Out of Many): Beginning towards Clean Green Community

We usually meet every Sunday morning for #cleangreenround. It has been running for than 5 years now. We started much before concept of "swatch bharath" by politicitical inititiave. And we are sustaining ! What do we do in it? Simple, Do a "shrama daana" ( (donation of body effort). Clean up the mess (plastic and other trash) dumped within our area by public.

A (P)resident's blog. Part 1(Out of Many): Intro

First and foremost : About the title

A (P)residents blog : I am and have been resident of a specific location in south bangalore and president of RWA of that location. In both roles as resident and president I have many experiences and thoghts. So I combined both resident and president as (P) resident.

Car Pooling - A retrospection

Why not me doing car pool? I question myself.  Following points came out. But no solution. So I dont do car pooling.. Do you have solutions? Please comment :)


1. Not flexible : I have to wait for my car pool partners, and vice versa.

2. Not regular : My pool partner not at all regular.

Idu Public Placu-Nimmappandalla - How do we spend on neighbor's dream - PART 2


I presume you have read part 1.


PS : Meaning of Title . Idu public placu nimmappandalla means,this is public place, not of your dad !

Illegal bore-wells mushrooming in Bangalore - How do we spend on neighbor's dream - PART 1

This article is a light note on observations/experiences of someone who has undergone construction of a dream house of a neighbour. Probably most of you have undergone this state, if you are/were in Bangalore. This happened in a outer belt of "greater" Bangalore. Here we go:

The "Trishanku" Layouts in Bangalore !

Well, we are aware of so many layouts nemely "private" or "gated" layouts in Bangalore. One of my friend happens to live in such a layout. Here is "story" of  his layout.

Few suggestions for KSPCB (PolBoard)

Its hearatening to see Karnata State Pollution Control Board ( I would shorten as PolBoard) much active online. I guess its headed by Mr. Vamana Acharya.

Few good things they already did:


About VM Boards by BTP


I have been observing  couple of VM Displays (They call it as variable message display boads) in hosur road, domlur and near mysore bank. Observation done for few weeks without specific study target. Few notes on this are below. Just wanted to know what you guys think.


(Not so) Fun facts about community involvement

Just trying to make a kind of retrospection of myself and a normal Praja alike.

Why most people do not engage in community work and or not interested in giving back to community?

What I mean Community work can be any of following:

Personal / Basic Layer.

Road Hump Records...


As said in another post, I tried to create a road hump record using my basic andriod phone which just costed me 6.7k. I just mentioned cost to tell how valuable a phone can be, if it can be used constructively. 

The road humps are plotted in google maps, real time.. Also data can be saved in internet.

Isnt poverty a state of mind?

Everything else

Well, many of you may feel, this is a political/controvesial thingi. But I wanted specifically to analyze from an ordinary "Praja's"(Mr.Common Man) view.

Someone said :

Poverty is just a status of mind.

He also said :

Helping ourselves

Recently I was searching how we can help ourselves to understand and try to beat the traffic problems. I have found interesting Andriod Apps. While I neither working for these companies nor I want to promote these one, I think it is worthy for Prajagalu to have look at these apps.


All shops should display TIN



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