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Tree cover

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To preserve the existing green cover and add more in Bangalore, there has to be an initiative, enforcement to plant, shift big trees (if being chopped due to infrastructure projects) to private/public companies having big campuses (like IT parks, BEL, CPRI, ... where they can be accommodated). Trees are being chopped mercilessly as more commercialisation is setting in. Big rain trees, gulmohar trees are getting chopped by the way-side just to make sure that new commercial establishments need a proper elevation.

- Srivatsan


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tree options..

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There are multiple organizations and groups working for the tree cause today in Bangalore..

Organizations like  provide access to resources..there are many facebook groups which do regular tree planting too

About transplanting trees..its a very costly affair and can be done only with certain types of trees and of certain age..

On road side plants..we should now stop planting rain tress there and rely on the more sturdy ones and have better canopy..they can brave the weather easily..we will then be addressing the issues of trees falling or branches breaking etc which is common for rain trees..

The rain trees can get to the parks..

The forest department in the govt is totally  defunct and are only for allowing tree cutting these days..

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Commercialization -- Healthy trees being felled

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Every alternate day, I see healthy trees (gulmohar, honge trees) on the pedestrian ways being felled to make way for new commercial building or so that the commercial building has a proper elevation. Recently, I saw something amiss in couple of streets in J.P.Nagar, only to recollect that these places had fully grown healthy trees which are missing now. 

I'm a mute spectator to this and frustrated at not being able to do anything about it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

- Srivatsan

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