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NOTA - Not a Silver Bullet for decaying democracy


NOTA - Not a silver bullet enlightened

Save women commuters from sexual harassment in BMTC buses - suggestion


Women commuters are the silent sufferers of certain harassments being meted out to them during their journeys in BMTC buses. With uncontrolled influx of people into Namma Bengaluru,  more and more people are using the BMTC buses.  One can find young women rushing to board buses, however crowded they may be, with the sole intention of reaching their destinations.

Kannada Baralla to Kannada Barutte - Learning Kannada is the Hot Trend in Namma Bengaluru

Cafe Coffee Day, Mac Donald and other yippee outlets are full of youngsters trying to learn Kannada, understand Kannada and talk Kannada in their own yuppee style.  report at:

Solid Waste Management - Vision Statement 2030 to BBMP

Public Health

The following  VISION STATEMENT 2030 for SWM was forwarded to email ID of BBMP on 6-7-2013 in response to its call for public opinion.  This is for info of Prajas.  How to educate citizens and actions to be initiated are also dealt with.

Water is elixir of life - Those handling water are only trustees

Dear All,

Have a look at the following cut and paste from Deccan Herald dated 22-5-2013. 

Enough of Volvos - Use JnNURM Fund Rs.14,883 crores for sustainable, affordable transport facility

Public Transport

/JnNURM funds for providing sustainable, economical and comfortable public transport have been used for construction of huge multi-storeyed buildings in the name of Traffic and Transport Management Centers/

/GPS/GIS systems installed are either not working or are found to be wasteful expenditure/

Can property tax be levied against laws?

Urban Development


Do we need fuel-gurgling Air Shows & Motor Races?

Everything else

Scientific predictions on Future availability of natural resources - Oil/Fuel :

- By 2022, get ready to pay Rs.720+ per litre of petrol and Rs.200+ per litre of diesel and consequential increase in transport and cascading effect on prices of all commodities.

Destination Copenhagen-We need a survival pact not a suicidal pact

EnvironmentEverything else

Preaching is easier than practising.


What will be happening at the UN climate talks in Copenhagen, and why we're hoping some of you will start or join a candlelight vigil at a strategic or iconic location in your community on Dec. 11th or 12th.

Feeling lost? How to reach your destination in namma Bengaluru...? SMS or Log in

Everything else

  Feeling lost in Bengaluru? 

Do not know the route to take?  Harassed by Automen if they are taking the longer route?

Know the exact distances between destinations.

Please do not plan to settle down in Bengaluru, it is dying.

PollutionEverything else


All those dear Indians and others from all over the world,

Please do not mistake this post.  This is for your own good and ours too; while the final choice is yours, have a look at the bleak future you may face if you come and settle down:

Source: Deccan Chronicle-front page-todate:

Nutshell: RITES Report -

Mono Rail for city transport

Metro RailPublic Transport

Source: Dec.Chronicle todate


Futuristic Mono Rail on 30 km ORR between JP Nagar & Hebbal Flyover - Project Report in two months - Bangalore Airport Rail Link Authority - Comprehensive Transport and Traffic Plan (CTTP) - Rs.44,000 crore estimate

Massacre: 1000 more trees for U/G metro

Metro RailEverything else

Source: Dec.Chronicle 23-8-09


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