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Rampant tree cutting..

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Bangalore loosing its green cover is a constant complaint we all have but most of us have done nothing much about it..however there are some audacious move by agencies who want to keep the 'view' for their expensive billboards unhindered. They go about cutting trees planted on the street in front of the billboards, which tend to block the view if left to grow.

Below are two exmples, one on the left is on MG road near Trninity metro stn and the other is on residency next to cash pharmacy. This is typical across the city where the agencies give 'supari' to cut the trees to their stump to maintain a view.

What can be done to prevent this and let the greenery spread??



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blatant tree chopping yesterday..

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New advt on the bill board on MG road today and as finishing touches..all the trees in front are chopped the root..

only if the bbmp tree officer would have put up a case and investigated into this..

probably the inaction explains BBMP's attitude towards not having any new trees on tendersure roads!

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Thanks Srinidhi for brining out

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This shows how BBMP is hand in glove with others. 

If their is no  attitude with BBMP officers, either 5 bifurcations or CM as super boss will not change the face of bangalore

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The tree officer helps if you

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The tree officer helps if you bring it to his notice. They do it because we ignore.

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trees poisoned for billboard view

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In one shocking attempt at improving visibility for a mobile phone ad showing a beautiful picture, 17 trees seems to have been poisoned and 13 more had their leafy canopies chopped off by suspected ad- or hoarding- agencies in the prominent IT corridor in south-east Bengaluru. Another hoarding of a jewellery brand also benefited from the pruning and poisoning
more here
This is happening all over the city as discussed in this post..good atleast some attention is paid to it now. For sure the authorities are hand in glove with these activities..again its public attention which is making them look at it!
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Poisoning trees quite as demonic as acid attack on women. Well, even if due largely to media (social media included) outcry, the BBMP seems to have taken some action, though doubtful if it can be seen as enough of a deterrent. Eternal vigilance by citizens need of the day.

Past instances:

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