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Metro ph 2 and Jayadeva interchange

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It was in 2010, in a meeting for tendersure plan review at STUP office that a discussion on marenahalli road came up and the review board member said that STUP had proposed a elevated road and metro line resting on the same pillar was the best sollution on marenahalli road to handle traffic on the busy jayanagar/btm stretch including Jayadeva.

I was mightily impressed by that and was very sure that was indeed the sollution that we should go with. 

So the same plan is back on track with the new MD proposing that design to solve the Jayadeva interchange looks like this :

more of the news in the link here

So thinking back again about the sollution makes one wonder what is the actual problem that we are trying to solve!

We were to ease the traffic on the roads by giving a mass public transport sollution, so if that is the case do we need to augment the road network too?

What is the traffic study pre/post metro which warrants the need for such a elevated road?

What is the cost associated with this super big bridge/interchange planned?

We bungled up doing a BETL on Hosur road when all that 10 lane road needed was a series of short bridges and a metro we are trying to hit the nail on this PPP project by getting metro to EC?

Why are we over-engineering sollutions for traffic issues in the city..

Way too many questions unanswered!



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CTTP had some of it

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CTTP-2007 had following:

1) Table 7.8 (Item-6) - "Elevating ORR along common portion with Bannerghatta Road"; &

2) Table 7.11 (Items-10 & 12) - "Additional slip road at CSB intersection"; & "Grade separator along 16 main BTM Layout underpass".

Guess they have merged all of them & come up with an elevated road section as the solution since metro routes (ph-2) were not known when CTTP had been prepared.

Also, considering that this stretch has been a huge bottleneck along ORR & the stretch between SB & Jayadeva is the only place where it constricts to 4-lanes (rest being 6-lanes), some road augmentation is necessary for the long term. I think it isn't appropriate to leave a stretch of the ORR shrunk to 4-lanes when all of the rest is 6 lanes.

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How did the DPR was done for the METRO station here

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Questions : How did the METRO Ph2 consultant suggest the different solutions for this ???

What impact this has on complet alignment ???

How did the BMRC technical team proceed on this and what reservations expressed by BMRC team before approving will thow light on what went worng and still no efforts made.

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UG option and..

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Going with the proposed plan, the highest level for the metro line will be atleast 100-120 ft over grade..and some points around going so high is:

  • Implementation costs willbe prohibhitive
  • On going expenditures will be high including  the power usage for people to get to the tracks will always be elevators
  • Residential areas of JP ngr and BTM will be totally spoilt

Below is a picture of  having  a 2 layered bridge from jaipur metro which has road at lower level and metro line on top, many sections lying on the same pillars too:

This plan seems sound if supported by projected traffic numbers post metro implementaiton.

However my options for now will be:

  • The Gotigere-Nagavara line is going UG from KMF which is about a one km from Jayadeva, so  extend that to Jayadeva
  • The RV road - EC line will be elevated like all other metro lines

Think we should not plan for any road capacity augmentation at this point just to make sure that public starts using metro more for their office commute than taking their own vehicles!

A person on SSC yesterday asked a question 'why doesnt NY have flyovers for all junctions'  the answer that came out was that they have a robust subway/metro network and they follow road rules strictly..which is exactly the way we should be heading..

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Green Line

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When is Green Line getting commissioned. Its ages i dont see any progres or work in it halted.. the metro website does not provide any project updates..Even sending out email to the concerned people doesnt help...







“An act of charity by the citizens questions the worthiness of the government.” 

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delays at metro

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The green line is being delayed by the UG section completion issues where they have hit upon hard rock terrain which is slowing down the TBM's.

Also the majestic interchange build was delayed due to indecisive approach taken around the ITMC. 

The latest BMRCL has quoted is late 2015 for completion and thats for green line.

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its been nearly an

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its been nearly an year.yesterday i did send email to metro ppl but no response...



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