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Bangalore too high on road air pollution?

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Delhi and Ahmedabad have already done it. Chandigarh too I beleive. But going purely by observations (can't find any published information from RTO), 40-50% of autorickshaws still seemed to be on petrol.

Why is Bangalore not mandating phase out of polluting autos? When other cities could do a complete phaseout, why is our RTO so weak and helpless? There is an LPG conversion program around which seems to offer lot less (Rs 2000 per auto?) than what the auto rajas want.

A 10000 Rs aid for remaining 40K autos (guessing the number) would mean a fund of Rs 40 Crores. Doesn't seem like a very biig amount. As per this news though, auto union is complaining that there are very few LPG filling stations in the city, that's another reason they are not converting.

Does anyone have data on road pollution in Bangalore, and Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chandigarh? Is there a WHO or some indian health organization research which would say what levels are unsafe for pedestrians? Since the city government is not doing anything pro-active in this area, we need to go push them with some real data on hand.




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news articles referred

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ready for cng switch if infrastructure improves: indian express, May 25, 2011

And BTW, Kumaraswamy had announced this back in Apr 30 2006:

To fight the increasing vehicular pollution in Bangalore, the government has decided to operate BMTC buses on CNG (compressed natural gas) on the lines of Delhi. The conversion of fuel from diesel to CNG would be taken up in a phased manner, Chief Minister H D Kumaaraswamy said on Saturday. In the first phase, about 1,500 BMTC buses would shift to CNG, he said

Source: Deccan Herald

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A report is being prepared on this issue

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A report titled “Mitigating Air Pollution from Transportation Sources for the City of Bangalore” is under preparation and would be ready very soon. It would be submitted to the state government and also shared with Praja. The report has number of recommendations / action items to reduce air pollution from transportation sources for the city.   

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petrol is not problem

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Petrol is not a problem, but 2 stroke engines are problem. Old autos have 2 stroke engines those should be banned and maybe sent to smaller towns in karnataka where pollution is far less. You can make out 2 stroke autos by their sound. LPG or CNG have not much advantage over petrol, but they have advantage over diesel. Now BBMP procuring Euro-IV buses even diesel emmissions should not be a worry. More over the upcoming metro will use electricity with zero emmissions, thus reducing overall pollution levels in city.

Another point is petrol sold inside ring road are around 1 rupee costlier as million plus cities are supposed to use Euro-IV low sulfur petrol. But this does not apply to petrol bunks outside ring road, but instead such rule should apply to full BBMP area not just ring road territory. Many people fill petrol from outside ring road petrol bunks to save little money.

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numbers are old..

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has numbers from sept last year..atleast thats what the title reads..but I think its the latest/live data..just that some one forgot to update the dates..

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look fwd to the report

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Thanks Mahesh, look fwd to the report, do share here as well.

Sri, as per that data, Blr has "safe" levels of air pollution. Delhi stats are not there though. Plus its from specific points, may depend a lot on the road they picked.

I think the best way to compare road air pollution would be to look at health reports of traffic cops across cities. Actual health insurance spending per traffic cop could be it :)

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Check autos that run with a mixture of kerosene and petrol

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Quite a few autos are run with a fuel of mixture of kerosene and petrol! This is the main problem that creates smoke which causes burning in the eye, irritation etc.. Aren't these supposed to be checked by inspecters of RTO or BBMP? How do these autos manage to run spewing all kinds of gases without being caught? can anybody answer this?

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Third party licensing

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Can the photo be used for the report that is being prepared?

Regarding the emission testing, it is done per the motor vehicle act and the Transport dept has the policy of issuing licenses to third party for testing emissions.  Rest u can imagine.  The report will be shared with Praja in the near future.

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Can the photo be used for the

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Can the photo be used for the report that is being prepared?

Yes, as long as you can adhere to the following  "Content from can only be reproduced with clear attributions and a suitable link to the original content."

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Air pollution in residential areas

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There is an article in today's DH regarding air pollution in residential areas.  Here is the link.

KSPCB is publishing the numbers, but where is the action? Assuming that the particulate matter emissions are coming mostly from vehicles, I believe currently there is no testing required for SPM and RSPM from the vehicle exhaust. There is a urgent need for this and need to be done through legislation. Also manual monitoring stations need to be maintained and calibrated at regular intervals. comment guidelines

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