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“Social Service Obligations” by Indian Railways

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Commuter Rail

Well ANalysed by the authors.

Now Railway AC fares are higher then even the AC Bus Fares.  

So accounting does not help for the market dynamics and this need to be under stood by Railway Minister.

Accounting is number game and  efficiency is Engineering skill,  Wastage  is Corruption  in Indian Railways.

Will Railway Minister has ears and eye to have comon sense to review the Indian Railways ???

Soon, people will  be able get AC  Class Tickets in Trains as  fares further goes up and shift in demand to AC Buses, FLights and own vehicles with tolled highways will be the trend. 

Wake up Raiwlay Minister in the interest of Indian Railways.  Read the report.


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This is how Railway Min taking care of Social Resp at two cities

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Mumbai Suburban rail and Calcutta METRO fares are not revised for 4 yrs

In this period railways could have earned more then 10000 Crore  by revising fares on regular basis. Railways could have seen the much needed change on ground.

Now Railway officials are under tremendous pressure on funds and even for small works,  Railway officials have no freedom to take up work  and things will get worst in coming days

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