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Feedback on Public Passenger Transport - Chapter VII

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Thissection is an attempt to change public transport by bus.and other vehicles. However, an overarching vision is lacking.  Many new categories are introduced in the place of existing categories, but it is not clear that the existing problems of the sector are fully addressed.

Type of Service



Chartered Service

Service provided for an organization for a period of time to transport its employees, contract workers or students.

any passenger transport vehicle for hire or reward, on the basis of either time or distance or time and distance

Metered Service

Vehicle of max 6+1, traveling between 2 stands, charging on the basis of distance traveled. (like a share taxi?)

Vehicle of carrying capacity of max 6+1, providing service fee on the basis of distance and time.

Scheduled Service

Like a stage carriage, 6 passengers minimum, route length less than 125 km, each passenger traveling minimum of 50 km

Like a stage carriage, 12 passengers min, route length more than 125 km, each passenger or groups of passengers paying individual fares, shortest distance a passenger traveling being 50km.



1. There are many arbitrary limits such as route length, minimum distance a passenger travels and so on.  THe basis of many of these limits is not clear.

2. In practice today in many segments, there is extensive private sector participation with poor facilities and regulations of these operators and flouting of many rules, which being of an archaic nature invite flouting as well.  Buses on contract carriage permit running interstate transport and parallely transporting goods and parcels, often unsafely happens routinely.

3. Well regulated private sector is essential and we are not espousing not having the private sector involved. Private sector is essential, but good regulation and rules encouraging good business practices while enabling the sector to operate safely and make profit is important. comment guidelines

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