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BMLTA Pedestrian and parking policy report

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InfrastructurePedestrian Infrastructure

BMLTA has come up with a draft pedestrian and parking policy. The vision seams to be in the right direction with emphasis is on pedestrians infrastructure including footpaths and crossings.

The parking policy talks about re-introduction of paid parking and steps to put in place a sustainable parking infrastructure (parking complexes). It also talks about secure parking spaces for cycles.

The "Policy for Pedestrian Movement in BMR" can be accessed here.
"Policy for Parking in BMR" can be accessed here.


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At least a start has been made

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At least a start has been made.  Someone has finally put it in writing that the pedestrian is also an entity in the scheme of things.

Am reading the whole document.  Saw some numbers.  As per the CTTP about Rs.12000 crores for roads and 300 crores for footpaths.  That is the sort of bias that exists.


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Very good report

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 Policy for Pedestrian Movement in BMR: While there is a disclaimer that it is not be relied upon for standards I think it is good enough to be one. However some glaring omissions. 

8.1.1 While clear measurements have been indicated for sidewalks, it does not indicate curb height. Curb height is very important to make sidewalks disabled friendly both for crossings and for buses. Currently we have seen the curbs being of irregular heights in different areas, mostly too high for ramps to be of any reasonable purpose. This also ties into the practice of blacktopping the roads without chipping existing layer. By leaving the curb height unspecified and unenforcable we will be ignoring a systemic defect with long term impact on quality of infrastructure.

8.1.7 One more practice is to look to build subways which doubles up for both crossing the streets and also to access certain utilities like public transport terminals and other buldings. Like overpasses can be connected to nearby buildings to drive traffic and underpasses can be extended to Public transport terminals like metro stations. Like the city railway subway can be extended directly to the bus stop as well instead of having 2 non interconnected subways. 

8.1.10 Locations for dust bins and trash cans must be specified as a good practice. It is necessary to have a dustbin at each junction of particular distance, also where crowds gather like bus stops, public furniture like benches, telephone booths etc. Guidelines for the same is very necessary else there is a danger of it being placed in the wrong place or it being too little. Maintenance of the same needs to be integrated into the garbage collection plan and not be a seperate activity entrusted with an unrelated agency.

In general continuity of pedestrian paths needs to be monitored to ensure they are not disjointed or end abruptly. 


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Mixed bag

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 Policy for Parking in BMR: While I liked the phased time based plan to implementation that I feel should be carried over to the pedestrianization report I am dissapointed there is nothing about street parking signage.

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BMLTA Workshop

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BMLTA / DULT have announced a Workshop on 20th Aug. starting 11-00 a.m. at -

The Institute of Town Planners, (Karnataka Regional Chapter)

No.16, J, Millers Tank Bed Area,

Thimmaiah Road Cross,Bangalore 560052.

Subject- Draft bGuidelines on Pedestrian movement and Bangalore Mobility Indicators 2009.

Participants can offer inputs/suggestions.

(Ref. The Hindu dt. 15th Aug.).



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The Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) workshop to discuss the draft guidelines for Parking and Pedestrian Movement has been postponed to Aug 22, Saturday.
It will be held between 3pm and 5.30pm.
The Venue is - Institute of Town Planners, India- Karnataka Regional Chapter, No. 16, J. Millers Tank Bed Area, Thimmaiah Road cross, Bangalore - 52.
Request all citizens, citizen groups working on transport issues and pedestrian issues to attend.
The draft guidelines can be accessed at -

(Recd. from Janaagraha)

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