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The Sir M Vishveshwaraiah Park at HAL III stage.

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To day September 15, 2011 the park at HAL III stage after completion of the beautification programme, was inaugurated, with a name. The name chosen was Sir M Vishveshwaraiah Park.


Pic - 1 Huge Posters all over


Pic-2 the all round lighting of the park fence.


Pic-3 Girls Band at entrance


Pic - 4 Bust of Sir M. Vishveshwaraiah


Pic – 5 The decked up foot path


This is hall of shame

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Spending public money for this kind of an event is rediculous.

They don't have money to fill poth holes on the road.What kind of a culture they want to promote.In intelectual city like bangalore why we never hear of MLA or MP or corporator being well educated. Why we have to be ruled by crappy fellows like yedi and deve gowda.


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  Mr. S Raghu, MLA CV Raman

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Mr. S Raghu, MLA CV Raman Nagar constituency who inaugurated the park is elected for a second time. We meet every year at the RSS annual day function. Undoubtedly he is eager to leave his mark on the community he loves to serve. While he is fond of public spaces like parks in his area, unfortunately the general up keep of the constituency is poor. Much is desired in garbage management. Wet and dry garbage segregation at house hold level needs to be introduced. Sewage water is diverted right royally in to Storm Water drains as a regular practice. This results in increase in mosquito menace.

Picture:-1. Copies of Book “Memories of my working life” Sir M. Vishweshvaraiya, distributed to all present in the gathering along with a red rose.


Picture:-2. The inside page with MLA name of the Book Specially printed for the function

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@aditya, how is this hall of shame?

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While the frustration behind your comment is shared by many, why is spending money to create public space hall of shame for you? Of course, we all hate the way they put up posters all around with their faces all around. But why is filling potholes the most important thing for the city?

Regardless, would you know

  • How much amount was spent on this public function?
  • How much money would it take to fill potholes in this MLA's constituency?
  • What projects are being taken up in this MLA's area?

Best way to go after any 'crappy' politician is to take more than a cursory interest in his work. What else is Mr Raghu doing in his constituency!? comment guidelines

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