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Building bye laws

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 The comprehensive Building bye laws of 2003 available as a pdf document  is impressive which tries to set the rules in a professional way for preserving heritage Bangalore. However the BJP government thought in its wisdom that it is very stringent and some minor deviations are in the public interest. I built my house in 1986 fully complaint to the set backs specified, and some thing more than specified and built a duplex building exclusively for one family. However I built a toilet at a corner outside which was not as per the rule book. However such akramas are now Sakrama. This according to me is a step in the forward direction. 

I was however shocked to see to days DNA report which says BBMP has violated its Sakrama scheme norms itself. The 8 story building at NR Road has no basement parking. Such untoward commissions by law maker are to be corrected immediately to say the least. Hope this will be the new BJP BBMP commissioner’s immediate task.


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Just cos of Sakrama..

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..there is lot of Akrama happening. Even general public on the pretext of their violations being annulled by the sakrama scheme are bending all possible rules..

Some places have violations like balconies actually encroaching over the footpath air one is bothered to keep a check on anything! 

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can you put up some pics in violation of Bldg Byelaws specific types. Give it more shapeful reporting. What about fire safety (National Bldg Fire code )?

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Please do not confuse the issue involved

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 As always happens we digress often. The point I wanted to make was exactly what I wrote. That I was flabbergasted to read the DNA report. The point is how the law maker can break their own laws! 

I have inserted the link to the original DNA article. Please have a look. You can expand the picture to have a better view of the building. Better still we can visit the place in person. 

It may be good idea to have our Praja monthly meet at that place next time. 

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Sakrama Akrama is not applicable here

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Some building violations are pardonable, some are not. The present BBMP Akrama under discussion cannot be condoned. They have to alter the ground floor in to a parking lot as per their own law. A PIL can be filed if I am correct. comment guidelines

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