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The Lok Satta Party public interactions meet with JP

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 After the recent BBMP election JP is visiting Bangalore in carrying forward the new party’s agenda. This interaction reminded us the probable scenario which might have prevailed at the time of freedom struggle.  The fight now is against the middle class apathy ignorance and above all their pretence to know best according to JP. 

JP stressed on the importance of local government. An increase in per capita income alone may make the country rich but still a banana republic. He felt that with proper management the malaise like power cuts etc can be avoided altogether. 

To days scenario highlights the viciously guarded statues quo by our politicians. The confused nonchalance and apathy of the voters is a boon to them. Many levels of changes are needed. JP alluded to the two major types of corruption, the extortional and collusive type of corruption. Both kind of corruption are to be tackled. 

In countries like the US it is not possible to buy votes. We had with us in the interactive meet to day one Mr. Scot who was the campaign manager for President Obama. After JP left we had interesting interaction with Mr. Scot also. 


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Quite a show by Loksatta

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I agree with Dr. JP that the results from the election are rather encouraging despite not bagging any wards. In Vasanthnagar, Loksatta spent a little over a lac (while other candidates spend order of magnitude more than that) and the Loksatta candidate, Mr. Ramakanth managed to garner 1500 votes. Not all is lost!

Deepak Rajanna

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Loksatta - Agent for change in politics ?

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This party has impressed me a lot, particularly their well-informed leader Dr JP, apart from their "no-compromise" attitude against buying votes & other clean party principles.

We had a similar sort of 'revolution' in India's business world with Infosys leading the way. Some such revolution is badly needed in politics & hopefully, Lok Satta can catalyze the way people from all classes begin to recognize the value of such principles amongst various parties.

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Any Analysis?

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Anyone has analysis why Loksatta people were not elected? Also now its the time they should join hands to work the person who is elected, be he/she less educated or whatever?

All the best Loksatta. For next election plan/work  from  right now.

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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Long way to go - all the best

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Dr JP's gesture of coming down to B'lore to interact and console his candidates is very commendable. His admission that this had been a painful journey for him and the warning to his party workers that this is just the start of their journey was indeed very touching.

They have a long way to go. It will be interesting to note how the party holds itself together (in AP these is a bonding force called JP - Mr. Prakash is doing a great job here - I hope he will be successful).

LS as it is today seams like is a party of "Middle class" and not even all of the "Middle class" recognize there is a party with that name. And if you ask about the lower segments of the party - not many would have even heard of "Lok Satta".

There was a person in the audience who asked Dr. JP, how his party is going to reach out to lower segments of the society - in the barrage of questions JP probably missed out on this crucial question. Concentrating on civic issues is only going to get them this far. The party i hope will reach out to people in slums through such initiatives like education, health awareness campaigns. I am sure they will anyways work towards ensuring tht the newly elected representatives do their work (RTIs?). 

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A Commendable job by smart vote

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 “The SmartVote campaign on Friday questioned the statistics put out by the SEC, claiming that the poll percentage in the March 28 BBMP polls was actually 53%, not 44.04% as estimated by the SEC.


Commander, rtd, PG Bhat made this point at the meet. The voters list is highly erroneous and hence the low percentage voting is a misnomer.





















JP addressing the gathering. The gathering was small in numbers.





















Scot the campaign Manager for President Obama now visiting Bangalore



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please get to know him better

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@ Ritesh - Dr J P not only talked about how its not enough for us, the middle class, to bother with just our roads, parks, etc, but emphasised on the subject too. Talking of slums, he mentioned that a mosquito carrying the dengue virus does not discriminate between the rich and poor, and in order to ensure that such epidemics do not start, spread and eventually reach you, it's in each and everyone's interest to provide proper kind of housing for the poor.

C'mon, Dr JP is far more evolved a leader compared to just any RWA President. Perhaps you need to read his essays - start by reading his blogs here.

Also, here is a report from Citizen Matters

Muralidhar Rao
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@murali sir

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Murali sir avare, i have very high regards for that person. I have been consistently following his writings (not sure how but i am on the Lok Satta's mailing list). Please note that, I havent said a word against him. Yake that tone against me :(

My observations and suggestions were to the LS Karnataka. Regardless of what you think - the truth is LS is know only to a small percentage of Bangalore's or Karnataka's population (my maid didnt know, and less than 50% of my colleagues knew about it). I sincerely hope that lot more ppl know about it and my suggestions were only in that direction. As Dr. JP sir himself said - "if we force other parties to change because of out actions, our goals are achieved" and this is the very least i expect :) 


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yes, grassroot wok needed

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Ritesh avare'

my maid didnt know, and less than 50% of my colleagues knew about it

I haven't even ventured to tell my house-maid about the party. Till such time as a candidate is standing from her constituency, what's the point telling her about it?

As compared to that, every net-savvy person that I am in some way associated with, has now come to know (and, more than know) about the party through me. And, hopefully, more are getting to know through them.

Many parties have come and gone in the past. So, there's a general cynicism when you hear of a new name in the fray, until such time as you have heard more about it. LokSatta in Karnataka is less than 6 months old. So, though there was general appreciation of the quality of candidates put up, perhaps the perception was that their winnability facor was low, and, that even if they won, with only 5 candidates, they wouldn't be able to make much of a dent in the overall policy initiatives, and therefore, why waste a vote on them. Well, all these things take time, and we certainly didn't expect any miracles. And, very much as you have quoted Dr JP, even "if we force other parties to change because of our actions, our goals are achieved".

And, as for the candidates, perhaps you need to have a talk with Mr Ramakant, the candidate who contested from Vasant Nagar (Katta Jagdish won there, by means more foul than fair - Mr Ramakant got over 1600 votes). There isn't a single house there, particularly of the poorest of the poor, that he hadn't covered in his campaign. He has had very interesting experiences. Perhaps he will be logging them in soon.

Even the others, were very much out on the roads, sweating it out day after day. I doubt I would have been able to match their effort.

Ultimately, however, I do admit, it's grassroot level work that will largely sway the voters. We are looking at various ways of going about it. Your inputs would be most welcome.

Muralidhar Rao
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party with a difference

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The only party that is talking about political reforms, with specific ideas, is Lok Satta in Andhra Pradesh, led by Dr Jayaprakash Narayan. It is still small and struggling, but nevertheless a ray of hope.

For the full article in the Indian Express by Mr Sudheendra Kulkarni, click here

Muralidhar Rao
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Fine article abt politics

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This is an extremely well written column by Sudheendra Kulkarni.

Indian politics has become totally disgusting & is stooping to levels never reached before. Most parties have discarded their principals long ago & the craving to come & stay in power, or make demands when coalitions have to be formed has reached new highs in an India that is getting more & more divided, politically.

Individuals within parties have scant respect for ideologies or principles & use whatever means to chalk out their 'careers' on the path to power & money, aspiring to become individual power centers, come what may, by using all available unethical means & corruption to further their own private interests, neglecting the country & it's welfare. After all, this is an era when liberalization is offering great opportunities for multiple dealings with private businesses !

Some of the middle & upper middle classes see Lok Satta as a ray of hope, just as the country had hoped for a better India with BJP competing with Congress when they first made political inroads after the Jan Sangh had been written off earlier with their disunity & squabbling within. So far, Lok Satta has doggedly stuck on to their principles, but it is doubtful if they can go on & grow in numbers sufficiently to make inroads since very few care or crave for clean politics. Politics anywhere is never totally free of unethical practices (even in the most evolved democracies) & it is really sad that India is now, perhaps at the bottom. comment guidelines

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