Praja Blogathon - your review and support please!

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Hi Everyone,

We have started the initial planning stages of the Praja Blogathon. The goal of the blogathan is to bring more people to Praja, and expand the content of the site and to bring more projects to the site.

We are aiming to have this event in July, current date is July 16th. The date isn't set it stone but we figured it is a good place to start. 

We need the community to help us brainstorm and bring more ideas to several particular topics. 

So this is what we need your help with.  I will be adding your thoughts to the wiki in an organized fashion to keep everything in one place:

Topics: Do we want a theme? Anything goes? High level guest bloggers? Events that we ask people to respond to? What does the Praja community specifically want out of this event? (more projects, solutions, etc)

Planning: How do we format this event? It will be primarly online but is there interest in an offline space? Should people register? Will there be liveblogging? When should the posts be due? How do we filter them? Should we involve other community focused sites like IJanaagraha or MyBangalore?

Outreach: Adversiting and getting the word out any ideas welcome. What specific communities do we want to include? (Developers? Journalists? etc)

Awards: Should there be awards for especially great posts? and What should those awards be? Do we get sponsors etc. 

So yes this a lot of things to keep in mind.  So in order to not get too disorganized I have set up tasks for each of the topics in the Blogathon Project: (For some reason the tasks I created are not showing up under the project tasks tab)

Or just post ideas on the wiki or in the comments below.

I hope we can spend the next few weeks figuring out how we want this event to look like with clear goals for the community and then start the actually planning and getting support.

How does this sound?



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maybe an issue-a-thon or project-a-thon gives better focus?

sponsor/partner - thoughts

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Have reached to local newspaper contacts to check their interest in supporting such an event. Can have 1 exclusive print media partner, and possibly 1 radio partner.

Publicizing in university campuses may bring good results.

Projecting this a blog-athon rather than issue-athon would be better. Issue is a technical and boring word. A word cooler than blog could be even better.

If joining hands with iJanaagraha etc as well, then we could build a separate site (or a sub-site here, with generic branding, not just Praja) that would collect "blogathon" tagged feeds from all participating sites.

lost interest?

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Nisha - is this on hold, or still active? Lead us here please, you have all the freedom to organize an online-heavy event, blogathing or any other name.

Have been away from here for

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Have been away from here for some time. Just noticed this post. I wish to know whether it is still on.

- as regards to comment by silkboard, building a separate site will not be a good idea, let all the activities happen under the umbrella of praja. And as regards to communication, effective use of online media like FB, user group, twitter groups could be used and then a momentum generated and from then on media interested could be automatically attracted. I believe, when there is a bulk movement / momentum happening, media will come on its own, otherwise, if they are asked first hand, it has to fit in to their requirements and scheme of things, which they may not support.

Best wishes to the thoughts.


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