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SAFAL- Nandini (Nagarabhavi Outlet) Why charge for the application form?

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Dear Prajas,

All malls have started this practice of issuing membership cards to enthusiastic customers - way of marketing strategy. Star Bazaar issues these membership cards at free of cost, likewise Reliance.

SAFAL on the other  hand which is a division of Bangalore Nandini Diary charges Rs 50 for the application. Incidentally, when i visited this outlet and asked for the membership for, the billing clerk very happily gave me the form, and i duly filled-in. When i submitted the form, she asked me to pay Rs 50 for the form. i was taken aback and i argued her that no where have you mentioned about the fee for the application, nor did you verbally say that the form costs Rs 50/- I reiterated the point that it is your duty to inform the customer or remind the customer again. At least that much is expected of you other than billing work. I flatly refused, all she said very rudely is i  have filled in the application, so i need to take it.

I felt cheated, and at the same time felt Rs 50 for each application is too high a price...I wonder you get discount on your bill for what? and how much discount one gets on the bill.. i wonder.

Nothng comes free in this world. But i want to complain to Nandini, or is the franchisee owners who doing this.. i am not sure.

any views?

does other outlets of SAFAL do charge the same?



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Charges for Safal membership application form

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I also felt charging Rs. 50/- for membership form/card is little too much so I did not opt for it.  I was told at the retail out that I can recover the cost whenever I buy things from their stores. The Card is very useful for traders who make bulk purchases of vegegtables for their retail out let.     

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Safal not connected to Nandini

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Safal is the fruits and vegetable marketing wing of Mother Dairy, and is not connected to Nandini - check here. Catching a customer by surprise shows the lack of business culture, typical of such governmental set-ups, notwithstanding the fact that they may be doing a fairly good job, otherwise.

The matter could perhaps be brought to the notice of the higher ups through the "contact us" facility provided.

Muralidhar Rao
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Safal not connected to Nandini

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Thanks, i got to know this later when i contacted the Nandini (KMF) and i was directed to Mother dairy. I was given a number of some marketing manager, and later i spoke to him expressed the way i was manipulated- later he directed me to another person - but never called back. i just left it.

Just posting this issue in praja, beware- it is a misconception that government babus only take bribes- they do openly knowing that it will take years to get chargesheeted and punished.. but the private sectors and private agencies exploit us this way. Either way the common man suffers.

Laws may be written in the law books, execution of the same in proper way through proper channels are what is absent and missing.

The ethics of conduciting good business is gone awry.


Live and Let Live

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 but the private sectors and

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 but the private sectors and private agencies exploit us this way

Which is the private company under discussion here?

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This was a general

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This was a general statement....

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