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Drive against Hoardings- Birdthday wishes etc - misuse of tax money by BBMP

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Hi Folks, Hoardings on Birthday anniversaries greetings of an MLA or a corporator has become rampant oflate. It looks very ugly and disalarming that no action has been taken up either by High court or no move has been addressed to stop such practise. Instead of wasting our tax money on such useless purpose, why cannot they be properly managed in providing basic civic amenties.

Its high time BBMP takes stringent action on such violations and misues of public money.


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Hoardings and bus shelters

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There is another category of hoardings masquerading as 'bus shelters', which are in thousands, mostly at unwanted locations where no buses ever stop.
For instance at the K.R.Circle alone there are 8 to 10 'bus shelters', not counting those on Nripathanga Rd a few meters away. It is hard to believe that all these are 'authorised' by any authority. These are only blocking the pedestrian's passage completely and are of different shapes and sizes and do not even display the names of the bus stops at eye level of bus commuters.
BBMP should conduct a survey of all bus shelters with hoardings and remove the unauthorised  hoardings. All shelters at unwanted and unused locations should be dismantled and re-erected at locations where these are badly needed, in consultation with BMTC and Traffic Police.


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while your concern is valid ...

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these hoardings are not put up by BBMP as such. Public money is not (at least directly) being wasted on these illegal hoardings. The complaint should be about BBMP not doing enough to enforce its stand that only auhtorized horadings are allowed.

By charging private companies money to put up legal hoardings at cost (and support road maintenance in some cases), but yet allowing political parties a free hand in putting up such birthday wishes etc for 'free', BBMP is indirectly losing revenue here. comment guidelines

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