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Integrating de-centralised Solutions for Climate Change Adaptation in Indian Cities

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Urban Development
My take-aways from a fairly well presented Panel discussion on "Integrating de-centralised Solutions for Climate Change Adaptation in Indian Cities", held on 12th Oct, 21, hosted by Flourishing Bengaluru Collective ( ) - check @
The Chief Commissioner, BBMP, Mr Gaurav Gupta, dwelt largely on the positives, and thereby the attractions, of Bengaluru. Yes, there are many and you cant belittle them.
Ms Kathyayini Chamaraj on the other hand dwelt on the failings of governance in the city, in particular about how various lobbies are hijacking it, with even the elected representatives (who are supposed to represent the interests of the deprived classes) becoming just another self-interest lobby. 
Ms Champaka Rajagopal focussed on how the PPP deals, which are proliferating now, do not provide for any healthy interaction between the served and the server.
Mr Sameer Sisodia talked on how the city is excessively dependent on resources from outside, eg: we draw 1500 ML per day from a point in Cauvery, 100 Km away, even as two rivers originate from within the city itself, fed by over 1000 mm rain a year.
On Mr Gupta's comments, I'd say - all very fine, Sir; but, the city cannot be allowed to grow indefinitely. As such, apart from providing for 2nd tier cities in the state to develop, Bengaluru too should provide for the many townships around it - Tumkur, Ramanagara, Dodballapur, Kolar, etc - all within 1 hr connectivity through "Commuter Rail" - to develop, and of course, sustainably.
A point the Mr Vikram Rai (the moderator) made - the city should be as welcoming/ accommodating of entrepreneurs like "3rd Wave Coffee", as much as a "SmartCity" labourer (earning his livelihood), both of whom may be from Jharkhand, or wherever - much needed.
As for the points made by Kathyayini and Sameer, I can't agree more with what they have stated - perhaps they may want to look at what I have been saying from long @ 
Sameer also raised the question of whether the city first of all had a vision - on how it wants to develop. In that respect, I'd think Tokyo provides a replicable example - check @
On PPP's, the point made by Champaka, I'd like to invite her to check my blog @
All in all, a well moderated discussion - in effect, a kind of a SWOT analysis on Bengaluru - worth the 1 1/2 hrs of listening. 
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