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Your Prime Minister

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NaMo addressing Global meet on emerging markets in Washington through video conference in Oct 13 -

He is all for development. Development is necessary if we are to help the huge sections of our population rise above the poverty line they are currently under. But, development invariably causes damage to environment; how best to minimise that damage is the key question. I would like to believe that NaMo has given thought to this aspect.

Otherwise, he comes across as a quite a visionary. Let's hope he meets the expectations of the country that has given him such a huge mandate.

Muralidhar Rao

PS: Pleasantly surprised at his ability to communicate effectively in English



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A friend's response on Yahoo-group

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Amazing..and not just the fact that he speaks quite well in english. But he touched upon the theme that is closest to my heart, that elections and representative democracy is just one small part of this thing we call democracy and governance and that both elected reps and citizens forget this. The pressure  for participative democracy both  from the top and the real test of a democracy. In india (or is it the world?), unfortunately, there is still a feudal mindset where the rulers want to rule and worse, the electorate want to be ruled.

I am less and less worried about the BJP, modi and how they will rule.All media etc seem to have this (and the doubts associated) as a primary story. I am infact worried about how the so called secular and non communal (repeat so called), Congress, BSP,SP, Owaisi, NC etc of the  world will behave/ what they will do. They have no ideology except power for their respective dynasties..and fomenting social unrest/polarisation  is the only way that they can even think of society, governance, and electoral politics. They are the ones one should be worried about trying to derail, not Modi sarkar.

Quite in line with my thinking too.

Muralidhar Rao
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A political leader talking

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A political leader talking sense for the 1st time. And, not just talk, he has definitely done a lot of good things in Gujarat. He has talked like a visionary politco-business leader; not like the usual socialist/secular vote bank politics leader trying to appease the uneducated masses.

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'The Communicator' ?

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Lets not forget similar people in history who did a great deal of damage: Ronald Reagan for one!

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If you missed it...Humble request please see this.

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Watched this video sometime ago, any Indian will be happy to see this video. He talks about Democracy, in which people are fed up of false promises and are losing faith, at this junture he nicely said Participatary Democracy is what people are looking...In which governtment ensures that people demands/promises made by politicians are met..

I am optimistic (as other fellow citizens) that NAMO will deliver to his best. All the best NAMO.

If any body missed seeing this vidoe, I humbly request you to see this. you will feel proud.





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make in India

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PM Modi's speech at the launch of the “Make in India” initiative -
Absolutely inspiring speech. This man has stuff.
Muralidhar Rao
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which company?

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Fine to hear inspiring speaches on getting Indians investing back in India.

But just curious, can any one name one big Indian firm which looked out of India for investment? comment guidelines

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