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Govt firm on privatising Escoms

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The Government is firm on privatising the Electricity Supply Companies (Escoms) as per their policy. Both Central, State govts regard the move as key step in power reforms, and also for ensuring financial stability, Energy Minister K S Eshwarappa said here on Wednesday.

He said the introduction of the private sector in power distribution would achieve improved operating efficiency and capital investment efficiency, resulting in the supply of quality power to consumers at reasonable costs. Privatisation would also result in implementation of new systems by the private sector for administration, bill collection, customer management and tackling power theft, he added.

For the full text that appeared in today's Deccan Herald, please click here.

A long overdue measure - check this. however, the question remains as to whether they will be able to effectively counter the status-quoist mafioso .

Muralidhar Rao


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Privatizing escoms

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Hope it happens sooner than later. High time to move along the same lines on the other basic services. With road transportation getting a disproportionate attention in the govt., people and on this site, the other more essential (in my opinion) necessities like water supply, sanitation (having biggest deficiency), effective garbage management and electricity need to be reformed post-haste. The monopoly misuse can only be broken by having effective rules (exist for the most part), robust implementation (poor) and timely arbitration (takes too long). comment guidelines

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