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Heritage areas in Mysore to be spruced up

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If the tourism department has its way, the core heritage zone in the city - like the Palace, Town Hall and Chamundi Hills — would undergo a complete makeover by the time Mysore Palace celebrates its centenary in 2012.

Tourism authorities have come out with a revised detailed project report (DPR) under JNNURM, to spruce up key heritages zones in the city. Authorities came up with a revised DPR after the Centre returned the earlier DPR for some clarifications.

An interesting intiative in the new DPR is an exclusive lane for tongas and bicycles. The Bangalore-Nilgiri Road, Albert Victor Road, Sayyaji Rao Road and the Gun House Road will get lanes for tongas and bicycles. Vacant government areas on either side of these roads would be illuminated and landscaped.

Jayaram, Deputy Director of Tourism, said that the aim was to revive the heritage and grandeur, which included encouraging tonga culture. “The tongawallahs will be provided with a permanent stand and a hospital for horses.” He said the Town Hall would be improved on similar lines. “There is a proposal to introduce battery-powered vehicles inside Palace precints.” Jayaram told Express that the revised DPR laid emphasis on adding tourist friendly infrastructure at Chamundi hills as well. It included construction of a shopping complex, a guest house for visitors, landscapping around the Mahishasura statue. “A parking facility will be developed near the Devikere site,” he said.

Jayaram said that the DPR had been sent to the Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development & Finance Corporation (KUIDFC), which is the nodal agency for the implementation of JNNURM in the state.

“The KUIDC will forward it to the Centre for approval. The total cost is estimated at Rs 98 crores,” he added.

The full text of the report, which appeared in the New Indian Express, may be accessed               here

Mysore heritage has been a hotly discussed subject on PRAJA. Can Mysore PRAJAgalu perhaps access the revised DPR and put up the salent points here for debate?

The question also arises as to why the concerned department doesn't do it, suo moto? In the case of the JUSCO deal, the moment the details were out on the web, it became clear that it was a good thing overall, and the opposition has almost died out instantaneously (though, why the project has not moved forward is not clear). From the example, one would have thought the government and its agencies/ departments had learned the way forward for the future. Apparently, not quite so.

Muralidhar Rao


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No precedent to demonstrate

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It seems like such a transparency does'not become accepted as good or leading practcies leave alone a best practice in the public interest

people friendly consultation or disclosure proecess or procedure does not apply to the World bank or ADB and as such even wit RTI etc the MCC or the BBMP or GoK needs to buck up as well

So then the question is ; Is tendering, procurement etc the main thrust of contracting and engagement with the private sector?  and then who are the real beneficiaries

On the other hand if 40-50,000 public has signed on against the privatisation / outsourcing of (O & M contract to JUSCO which is same as privatisation in H DMC or Kalburgi as well) its a myth that oppsition has died down

there were lockouts of the JUSCO offices but 40,000 people coming and AGITATING is not theoption

MCC has been at end of considerable handholding by the MoUD and JNNURM Mission secreatriat on the Heritage CDP and the DPR's of Water supply project etc

The officials on contract in KUIDFC are paid for by projects funded by WB/ ADB. IT is TRANSPARENT whch is the FOREIGN HAnd which is rocking the....

They are always eager to follow the diktats of MoUD etc

Oficials of BBMP or MCC etc should not continue to pretend that decentralisation exists

This is the so called CORPORATE DOMINATED framework for REFORMS in which becoming a Local self government for the BBMP or the MCC will be a threat and a FEAR OF FAILURE,

something which cannt be ALLOWED

Good Governance, and TRANSPARENCY are then something to ASPIRE for PRAJEGALU


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Is there a vibrant civil society? Narcissism prevails

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The fractured approach by NGOs/RWAs etc., etc., is the bane of a vibrant civil society in our country.  Everybody wants to impose their thoughts and ideas on others and earn the leadership, only to falter and fall when it comes to the question of taking things to their logical conclusions and sacrifice of even a few hours for a cause.

Take for example : - there are about 1000 members and how many attended the 29th meeting at Bengaluru painstakingly arranged for the benefit of exchange of views with a proactive IAS officer?  He was an exception - conditions apply. This should not be the case for a collective bargaining power or for achieving any class action proposal.

- JUSCO contract has already been signed - Another meeting is scheduled on 1st July (tomorrow) at the MCC office mainly to fulfil the need of a vocifurous group of people who are against the JUSCO contract -  one of the conditions of JNNURM - public consultation / participation 

- what purpose will it serve is a matter of conjecture.  40-50,000 signature is a big joke and I myself can affix a thousand signatures. (this can be an idea to get into the record books).

- Mysoreans are undergoing miserable experiences for their daily needs of elixir of life - water - that leaks in the taps at 3 AM - Even if JUSCO contract can result in 4X7 water supply (if not 24X7), as a senior citizen who is filling water from ground floor to my flat on 1st floor at 3 am, I will bless JUSCO and VVWW for their water supply arrangement.  

- Money is secondary - Hundreds of crores of rupees are being doled out from public money for improving the temples/abodes of ever healthy Gods and the man on the street does not have two pots of bacteria free water. PARADOX UNLIMITED.    

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