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State Govt to develop towns around Bengaluru- Better late than never!

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If news paper reports is to be believed, state government is slowly realizing that, it is in the public interest that towns around Bengaluru are developed.

Source - Deccan Herald

"...To decongest Bangalore and check rapid migration of people, the Chief Minister agreed with the Speaker Kagodu Thimmappa that towns around the city such as Tumkur, Hoskote, Chikkaballapura and Ramanager needed to be developed..."

Though in recent days there is a talk of developing satellite towns from people like Rajeev Chandrashekhar, but do we really need to establish new satellite towns, when there exists towns around Bengaluru in all directions?

Certainly not. Rather help the existing towns to step up their infrastructure. Instead of squandering thousands of crores in land acquisition for forming new Satellite towns, invest the same in upgrading the civic, educational, health, water & sanitation and mobility infrastructure in each of these towns.

In addition proper town planning implementation in the early stages of their development will ensure their healthy growth. Government just needs to provide the support for private enterprise to pitch in and take the growth story forward.

In that scheme of things, without providing a reliable, frequent and decent mass transit system between these towns and Bengaluru city, the growth attempt will be futile. Therefore in that development planning provision of mass transit system is a must. The proposed 'Suburban Rail Service' serves the purpose well and will become backbone for the economic, social and political activities in these towns. comment guidelines

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