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Bikeshare in Bengaluru - Credit goes to PRAJA, CiSTUP and DULT!

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Finally Bengaluru gets its 'Bikeshare' concept converted into reality. I do Hope that this concept is well received by the Bengalurians and patronizes to the fullest extent.


"The ATCAG aims to serve the need of the public for the last-mile connectivity for other public transport such as the BMTC and Metro, while providing Bangaloreans with a green mode of transport," said Srinivas Ramesh, co-founder and director of Kerberon Automations.The bikeshare program The ATCAG is a smartcard-based application. "On registration, the person is given a card that can be used to get the bicycle from the docket where it is stationed. He will have to return the bicycle within a timeframe," he added.

Courtesy - The Daily Bahaskar

The credit for this sensible, environment friendly and sustainable mode of transport should go to the PRAJA team (Sathya, Srinidhi, Sanjeev) who were instrumental in crafting the Draft for the Call to Action "Report on Intermodal Bicycle Connectivity" along with CiSTUP and then the role played by the DULT, specially its Commissioner Manjula for making it happen. The Bikeshare is one half of the solution that was called for by the PRAJA/CiSTUP report. Other half is to have the dedicated bicycle lanes in the CBD area.

A special thanks to CiSTUP and DULT for the esteem co-operation and opportunity given to PRAJA. A big around of applause for the PRAJA team - Sathya Sankaran, Srinidhi, Sanjeev and others behind the scene who lend their valuable support for another successful project.


*****Important clarification by Moderators*****

To clarify on the above post, implementation of the shared bike rental scheme by Kerberon Automation Pvt Ltd was not a direct result of the feasibility report prepared by Praja/CiSTUP or the subsequent DPR commissioned by GoK/DULT. The implemtation of the same is wholly their own. The credit being claimed by the author of the blog is for the consumation of the concept being advocated by us & is in no way claiming credit for the actual implementation of the particular shared bicycling system by Kerberon Automation Pvt Ltd

However, Praja has been advocating the concept of both dedicated bicycle lanes & shared bicycling in the CBD areas since Jun 2010. In Jan 2011 the call to action report available here  was presented to the GoK formally. Subsequently we presented the concept to both DULT/BBMP in the mobilicity conference details of which is available here . This led the stage for acceptability of the concept within the broader community. Praja has been talking to Capital bikeshare & other parties for enabling shared bicycling in Bangalore. We have stopped all those efforts as we found Kerberon Automation Pvt Ltd had come forward of their own accord, unrelated to our efforts, to do the same. Praja only advocates concepts which benefit the common good & has not claimed IP or ownership of a particular implementation. 

This clarification has been prompted by concerns from Kerberon Automation Pvt Ltd that the tone of the post indicated that they are providing a service which is a direct result of our efforts. While we apologise for any unintentional offence caused we wish to place on record the untiring efforts of the project contributors for their efforts in mainstreaming a sustainable transportation concept. We would also like to congratulate Kerberon Automation Pvt Ltd on their efforts to independently make the efforts to bring shared bicycling to Bangalore, we only hope they look to convert more people on Praja to adopt their system and look at engaging with the people on this site positively.


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PRAJA meet on Metro?

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Perhaps a PRAJA team can take a ride on the METRO, with members boarding from different stations, geting off in batches at stations offering the bicycles, experiencing it all, and then logging in our reports. May be we can target Nov 5th, a Saturday, for it.

Muralidhar Rao
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That sounds like a plan!

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Murali Sir,

What can be better idea than this to experience the METRO trip and report it in  PRAJA style?

Wish I had know METRO inuagration well in advance.


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Not interested, alternative suggestion

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The world would be taking a ride on the Metro and reporting on it. Why add to the report flood!?

Instead of the ride on Metro, how about meeting to plan a report in Metro/BMTC connectivity? Can visit all "now open" Metro stations and take pictures of status of Bus/Feeder connectivity which from what we know and expect would be in as good a shape as shining & air conditioned Metro trains.

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Achilles heel

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Excerpts from my earlier post: "geting off in batches at stations offering the bicycles, experiencing it all"

Actually, my focus was more on the bike-share experience.

Yes, I too fear that BMTC's feeder services are going to prove Namma Metro's achilles heel, and PRAJA's focus, very correctly as you have pointed out, needs to be there.

Muralidhar Rao
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BMTC Feeder Service

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I posted my not-so-good experience with the FEeder service at Ulsoor Metro Station today (in the Feeder Service topic). However, I think we should give a couple of weeks to BMTC to enable them to stabilise the service. If it still continues in its current fashion, it will become defunct very soon.

With regards,


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