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July 4th Bus Day would be 16th Bus Day, a PT ritual that is being observed by BMTC and its faithful commuters since it was started in Feb 2010.

There has been enough discussion as to whether BD has been successful in its mission. The answer to this question can be given in 2 parts. From the objective of public to move away from private vehicles, with reports appearing in news papers, I can certainly say a small percentage has been convinced to use PT for daily commute. The other half of the answer as to how much BMTC has helped this has been bit disappointing and at times frustrating. Part of the reasons for this disappointment and frustration from BMTC is due to its inability to transform itself to the needs of the people and time. After having an affair with BMTC for about 2 years, it is now clear that BMTC needs a boss who is committed to change the face of the BMTC. A boss who is powerful enough to resist the politics, power and influence of vested interest and powerful cartels. A boss who can vision a better future for B'lore city via BMTC not the vice-versa.

I know this statement of mine will attract interesting responses. Having said that, I have not given up hope on BMTC as an agency that B'lore city needs badly. We may argue and disagree with respect to its role, monopoly and big brother attitude. Certainly there is still a chance to redeem the usefulness of BMTC before we can write off BMTC.

Having said this, a interesting news item has appeared in "Bangalore Mirror" on this July Bus Day. The title "Bus Day goes to school today" is an interesting theme and specially ORRCA deserves appreciation for taking teh Bus Day concept to teh most needy ones.

...The ORRCA (Outer Ring Road Companies’ Association), which was instrumental in getting techies out of their cars and onto buses, now plans to repeat its success story in city schools and colleges.

Apart from that, Bus Day this time will also focus on BMTC’s image makeover — from the killer BMTC to a user-friendly service.

“We are extending the number of BMTC bus routes from 5 to 17 from tomorrow,” said Vishwanath Seetharam, secretary, ORRCA, an association of 25 IT companies lying on the Sarjapur Outer Ring Road (ORR)

"...ORRCA volunteers will visit schools and colleges in phases and interact with students. Apart from giving out handbills on the importance of using public transport, they will also show films on BMTC’s initiatives, the safety aspects of public transport and increasing levels of pollution. All this to instil confidence among students about BMTC, often labelled killer BMTC, and make them leave their vehicles at home.

They will also persuade school managements to opt for BMTC services over private vehicles on the lines of the common bus system (CBS) which has enrolled over 1,000 techies to commute to work and back.

ORRCA plans to cover at least two colleges every week starting from today. Apart from bringing down pollution and congestion, taking Bus Day to students will also increase BMTC’s sense of responsibility and increase its credibility..."

Last but not least, on behalf of Praja, I would like thank ORRCA specially its secretary Mr. Vishwanath Seetharam for taking the BD forward and continuing to support the BD sans any tangible changes from BMTC.




ORRCA is doing a great job

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Wanted to second that statement Syed. ORRCA is doing a great job, Vishwanath is really enthu about supporting the cause of public transport and better traffic management. Good show.

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