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Namma Metro - Play about the 'common' man in a globalised Bengaluru

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Did any body watch the Drama Play 'Namma Metro', staged by We Move Theatre, a drama group based in Bangalore at the Seva Sadan auditorium in Malleswaram at 7 pm on 12th March?

'Citizen Matters' carried a very interesting review of this Play. While reading the review on CM, one gets a feeling that this is Theatrical reflection of concerned citizens represented by PRAJA and others.

CM Writes,

"...The play was said to be about life in Bangalore, a city that has changed rapidly due to globalisation but still has a little bit of the old world left in it. Over a hundred people comprising a mix of all age groups had gathered in the stuffy auditorium despite the ongoing cricket world cup..."

Reading about the characters in the play, reminds me of our own Praja members. I will leave the honor of matching the characters to Praja members to you.

"...Communist muduka (old man), a former editor of a political journal, Rohini, a twenty-something techie, Suresh, an ageing bank clerk and Rahim, a peanut seller, are the protagonists of the story..."

This is how CM describes the characters,

"...Communist muduka, former editor of 'Bangalore Parishe' a left-inclined political journal wonders how he became influenced by a mysterious stranger and turned from a staunch communist in to leaning towards capitalism. 

Suresh, on the other hand is stuck in a government job struggles to meet his wife's demand for a silk saree each month and is unable to come to terms with his daughter's aspirations of becoming a model.  The young software techie who aspired to become a sculptor is forced to forget her dreams by an over bearing mother whose sole aim is to get her married off to a guy settled abroad. The peanut seller who has just lost his wife and baby due to a flyover collapse is fighting to get compensation money from the corrupt government official.."

This line actually resembles the birth of PRAJA.

 "...A chance meeting between the four on a bench in the shade of a tree leads to sharing the story of their lives and their struggles...", 

Courtesy - Citizen Matters, Many Thanks to the Author "Yogaraj S Mudalgi" for an excellent review of the play making it interesting right from start to finish.


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In Pune / Mumbai the performing theater is very poplar

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 Ranga Shankara is a performance space in Bangalore that proffers itself as a premier place for theatre performances. The auditorium was envisioned by Arundathi Nag, in remembrance of her late husband, Shankar Nag, who was a renowned actor in the Kannada film industry. Tucked away in the south Bangalore suburb of J.P Nagar, Ranga Shankara auditorium that opened on October 28, 2004. is far removed from the ... - All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License - Wikipedia 

Ranga Shankara is a world-class theatre facility in Bangalore and the most affordable theatre space in India today. With the philosophy of a-play-a-day, there is always a play on. Theatre Alive! - From the owner

It is a nice theater for performing art. All the ticket holders are supposed to be in before start of each performance. Late commers are not allowed in, once the play starts. The ticket monney is refunded promptly, to the late commers.  Master Hirannaiah was a top class performing artist of yester years. Even now his most famous play Lanchavtara is being played

The Staging of a Kannada comedy plays "Lanchavatara", directed by Mr. Hirannayya. The latest version of this political satire will have Mr. Hirannayya in the role of Dattu and his son, Babu Hirannayya, as "Meese Muniyappa". Lanchavatara has been staged in the State for the past 45 years and has gained popularity for its entertaining and scathing comments on corruption and politics. The play continues to retain its flavour as Master Hiranna

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Theater has been means of showing the mirror to society!

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psaram sir,

Theater plays has always played the role of showing the mirror to the society. Apart from mythology stories, plays that portrays the current issues, challeneges the accepted norms has always well received.

Any idea how we get to see such plays as "Namma Metro"? CD/DVD?



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Abhishek Iyengar- Director and writer of the play Namma Metro

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This is abhishek Iyengar, director and writer of the play Namma metro which is being discussed above in the post. Thanks for the wonderful insight and comparison of how your organisation started with Namma metro play. Please do get in touch with me at to see how our interests match also so that i can invite the members of praja to the next show in bangalore.

My phone number to contact is 9886062324.

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Thanks for the offer!

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Abhishek Iyengar,

 First of all many congratulations for such a beautiful play. Even though I have not seen it myself, but the review has nice narration giving an insight into the play. Having been associated with Praja and its efforts, I can easily relate to the play in more than one way.

Also your offer for the next show is very much appreciated. Pls do keep us posted on your next play, some of Praja members would certainly join in for an wonderful play.

Also I see an opportunity of convergence of minds, cencerns and issues, therefore lets see how we can bring that synergy or convergence. Your thoughts on this will highly appreciated.

Since  I am Based in USA, I was looking for video of the play? Do you have any?


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Its good to see such events for the city

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Thanks to NAMMA METRO Play to bring out how the citizens keep talking and not doing any thing.

They should  take up the Praja thread for the next event.

From Praja, we should  see the drama.

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Hi All,

This is a very old post but anyway, you all had liked the play NAMMA METRO! so we are very happy to announce that we are restaging the play this August 17th at ADA rangamandira at 7.30 p.m. Please do come and support us like you did for the first time!

Thanks a lot guys comment guidelines

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