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Better driving for Indians

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We at praja have been discussing a lot of topics related to traffic management and infrastructure. However, all said and done, with all the systems and infrastructure in place, the most critical aspect of road safety is still about everyone on the road driving responsibly. In a world where Indian driving has been notorious and even a matter of ridicule, there are still some folks out there who believe that the future can be improved by developing adequate awareness among the people.

We take pleasure in introducing you to one such commendable effort by Dr. Adhiraj Joglekar who has been developing educational videos on how to drive better and safe.

 Adhiraj has been making and posting vidoes on his personal blog for a while and has been kind enough to repost them here. See the background of his efforts here and go through an FAQ here.

The first of the videos is already up here. Others will be up soon. Navigate through the links at the bottom of each of the posts to see all the videos.

Together we can make Indian roads safe to drive upon.

Note: Adhiraj wants the videos to be as widely circulated as possible and hence is willing to give the rights to distribute the original DVD videos as long as someone wants to do it. If you happen to know individuals and/or organizations who are willing to take this us, please get in touch with Adhiraj.


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I would recommed every TAXI Driver to go through

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This is a very useful and very valuable practical videos. These learning videos have been a grt learning in the western countries. But i am not sure if these apply to indian conditions. In indian conditions, these video's seldom have any effect, with TAXI drivers violating all the rules in the world. I think these should be first be looked by TAXI drivers who are the most worst of all on roads today...
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Implementation of rules

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Bangalorean, while I agree that Taxi drivers are not the best of the lot when it comes to disciplined driving, a normal (private) car driver is no good either. Most of car owners graduated from two wheelers and still have a mental image of a two wheeler driver when it comes to maneuvering in and out of traffic.

But then, the reason everyone drives disciplined in UK (or elsewhere) is because of a tighter implementation of traffic rules. For example in UK a driver has 12 points on his license when he starts and loses about 3 for every offense (breaking speed limits etc). If you lose all the points, you cant drive! You can gain only one point per year if you lose them for any reason. So that explains why so there is such a disciplined driving seen on these videos. Moreover, there are cameras almost everywhere and everyone wants to be safe than sorry.

We have all the rules, but hardly any implementation. I suggested earlier that if the government can not implement things, they can consider privatizing it. But thats a different story.



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anybody who is thinking of

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anybody who is thinking of changing the driving habits in india is bound to feel like a mosquito at a nudist rally. taxi drivar, auto drivar, bus drivar, pesky pedestrian, raging rambo, suave sahebs all contribute to this mess. and there are enforcement problems, design problems, volume problems and almost anything you can think of is a problem. But we have to start somewhere and Dr. Joglekar has done just that. Prolly need to forward this to BCP and moser baer and see if they can compile this into a CD and distribute it to all learner permit/DL/DL renewal candidates. these types of videos, prolly suitably indianized, should be broadcast so many times on tv/radio/cinemas that people should start driving sensibly just because they are sick of it. (remember those news reels at the cinemas? parmindar singh heLuthhare... *in indistinguishable hindi using urea helped his yield*)
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Towards better driving

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This is an excellent video manual for better driving. Kindly send this to commissioner of Police , Mysore Mr. Bhaska Rao ( will use it when they periodically train their staff as well as catch erring drivers.It could be sent to R.T.O. also.
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Circulate Through Corporates, Video Libraries, TV Channels

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How about asking the corporates to arrange viewing of these DVDs? City Zen
City Zen
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good ideas

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ERR & Citzen good ideas. ERR sir, please feel free to forward it.
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Driver Education DVD launched

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Many thanks to all for the ideas on how the videos can be shared with authorities and many more people. I have now made the videos available on a Promo DVD. Authorities / Corporates / Citizens who can commit to screening the DVD in small groups may request a copy by writing to me at Dr Joglekar comment guidelines

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