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Bandh or 'State sponsored terrorism'?

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We headed out for restaurant lunch, where we saw that some young people were forcing darshini to close shutters. Owner told, wait 15 minutes sir, 'these people' will go. Who were "these people"? Who is paying for the M&M gaadi they are using? Who is paying for diesel? Are 'these people' doing all this for free. Is it not the ruling party? Ruling party provides rule. Rule means providing us freedom, and law and order.

Dictionary definition of law and order is

  • Advocating and following the established social order and the statutes written to enforce such order

Dictionary definition of freedom is

  • The capacity to exercise choice; free will, or The condition of being free of restraints

If the ruling party is doing all this, you will call this 'state sponsored terrorism' or not?


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Economic loss pegged at 10K Crores!

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We all love numbers, data, as it speaks the language of truth.

The economic loss due to ONE Day Bandh for Bangalore is pegged at 10,000 Crores(Then Thousand crores) by FKCCI and 3000 Crores by CII.

Add to that loss of life and property.

This is the cost we all citizens paid for BJP's soveriegn and democratic right of protest and demonstration  to oppose any body who dares to question their acts and deeds.



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Rs.10000 crores?

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 How did they come out with this number?  That is close to $2B/day or about $700B per year or about 60% of India's GDP!!  The other number is about 20% of India's GDP.  

Would like to know how they arrived at this number.  Does Bangalore alone contribute to 20% of our GDP??

Or have you referred to the losses pegged to the "Bharath Bandh" data for Jul 2010?



Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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state sponsored - tough, state-supported - possible

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Legally speaking, it may be tough to prove that this bandh or 'terrorism' as put above was state-sponsored. Money coming from ruling party's accounts is not state's. It may be hard to prove that any of the underlying money came from state's accounts (Gok).

But, the ministers are on record having made calls for the bandh, and may have made visible appearances to support the bandh. So "state-supported" is more accurate description and should stand legal grounds.

If there are PILs against the bandh on these grounds, I think the courts could provide further embarrassment to this BJP government.

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Is bandhs democratic?

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My bad. The 10K Crore figure is for all India. The figures are quoted in DNA.

Per this report, Infosys HR chief Mr. Mohandas Pai pegs the loss to Bangalore alone is Rs.1000 Crore.

Even if the numbers are low, it doesn't make Bandhs justify. I am pained when an ordinary laborer looses his daily wages because of no work. Basically the bandh is depriving these souls their bread. What can be more deplorable than this?

We can spend hours debating whether it is private terrorism or state terrorism. My question is much more basic. Is bandhs democratic?

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Bandhs are undemocratic

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And unconstitutional. People in India don't understand the difference between strikes and Bandhs.

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DNA report - PIL on Bandh, '1000 crores'

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Loss or no-loss, bandhs, esp the ruling party variety are a NO NO. Someone has a PIL going, as per this DNA report.

The interesting bit:

chief justice JS Khehar granted liberty to the petitioner to file an interlocutory application on Monday, demanding Rs1,000 crore compensation for the losses caused to public property by KS Eshwarappa, state president of BJP, who gave the bandh call.

Looks like the line taken is that those who gave the call should bear responsibility for all the losses. I hope the judges would add the "ruling party" angle to that.

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Bangalore used to ignore

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Bangalore used to ignore bandhs till a few years ago but this time it was almost completely shutdown. Although the bandh was against allowing prosecution against corruption people supported at least party workers to show their anger against corruption and inequality, I think. The government should not be happy but surprised and concerned that bandh was successful.

Many people dont have vacations and generally we do not have long weekends and we have 6-day week, and when we ask for leave there is always reason to deny it. Is the business associations worried about that, the quality of life of employees? They lost one day, and they make a big fuss.

Many people are concerned, actually less this time, that daily wage earners are affected. I do not think daily wage earners are having hand to mouth existence, even they can survive if they miss one day.

I agree with SB this is not at all state sponsored terrorism. States have done much worse things. At least police were on the streets.State's own property like buses were destroyed although it is not a direct proof.

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@abidpqa, your comments are outrageous!

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Your comments regarding daily wage earners are outrageous.

...that daily wage earners are affected. I do not think daily wage earners are having hand to mouth existence, even they can survive if they miss one day...

It shows how insensitive we have become to suggest people will survive in spite of missed wages. In a sense what you are asserting is it absolutely fine with having bandhs. It is absolutely fine people missing their wages, industry losing productivity, and businesses losing business that day.

The fundamental question I would raise is what right anybody has to deprive this daily wage earner of his daily earning? Who has given you right to force shoppers to down the shutters? Let us see how many of these state legislatures are ready to forgo their salary and emoluments for the bandhs they support? Actually they will survive even if they lose their salary for days.

Friend, as we mature and shout from roof tops about world class city, we should start asking futility of such exercises? We should be asking about their legality? We should be asking their place in our laws? We should be asking for who would fit the bill for public property destruction.



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Yar Appan gantu idu!

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"...I agree with SB this is not at all state sponsored terrorism. States have done much worse things. At least police were on the streets.State's own property like buses were destroyed although it is not a direct proof..."

Source - citizen Matters @

"..."Sixty six BMTC buses have been damaged across the city including one volvo bus and a Marco polo bus," said K S Vishwanath, Chief Traffic Manager (Operations) at BMTC.  "However there are no casualties reported on staff members", he said...." comment guidelines

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