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Traffic and directions!

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Everybody going in every possible direction on Outer Ring Road between Intel office and Sarjapur Road. A very good representation of Bangalore Traffic as it is today - in absence of any enforcement, we form our own rules, and mind you we don’t do a bad job of it either. Don’t let the chaos visible in this picture distract you, we eventually manage to reach our destinations :) And yes, there is a cop in the picture as well, try find him.


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i am so disoriented looking at that pic, i am going to shut my eyes and ears. rofl!! this is like 1 lane per direction. rofl!! aah! it hurts!!
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service road

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makes the pic look worse than it actually is. About the guys going in wrong directions, there are two kinds of them. One who keep their faith in the keep-left rule even when embarking on the wrong-side adventure, and the others who accept to stick to the peripheral edge of the road when doing it. The only thing common to both the classes is - they like to flash their head lights when going wrong.
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The vehicles coming towards

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The vehicles coming towards you (waterboy!, the red scorpio, etc) in the pic are on wrong side....on the service road, presumably to facilitate a free left from Sarjapur Rd to ORR. Good planning being disregarded. This ser road was till recently closed by the elite living in those air trapped appts. Now they have opened this ser road, and using it as a shortcut to enter Sarjpr Rd (as BDA has now put up large concrete blocks on the median) Well, these are the people who cry hoarse about the city's traffic. Worse, they block the moving traffic that follows the green light to enter Sarjpr Road. Now, if the BDA, in consultation with B Trf Police and BMTC provide this service lane (better would be Bus Lane) right from Silk Board and on to ORR, this left side could be best used only for an efficient BRT. Infact, some months ago BMTC announced their BRT on ORR upto Hebbal. In the cold storage again?
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Ditto at ITPL signal

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The same thing happens during peak hours at the ITLP signal .All the so called techies turn onto the opposite sides and drive .All of them should be fined at least a 1000 bucks.Quietly our city is turning into a lawless jungle.
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RTO to blame?

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who gives them the licences? There are many signs which the drivers like the ones in the autos never know of.. their goal is simple..reach their destination with the shortest path..with all rules broken! ...or is it the traffic which makes people sick and make them break rules? comment guidelines

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