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RTI application to AAI about HIAL

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Below is the content of an RTI application which I would be submitting to AAI for the information on process / facts on ATC operationalization at HIAL. That would give an idea whether BIAL lived upto the requirements or not. Also I would be submitting a separate application for BIAL.

Please feel free to use as is.


To: Shri P. Premnath,

General Manager and PIO (RTI)

Corporate Headquarter

Airport Authority of India

Room # 331, 3rd Floor,

R G Bahwan

Safdarjung Airport

New Delhi - 110003

Date: March 212008

Sub: Information regarding the clearance and operation of ATC at new international airport of Hyderabad at Shamshabad location.

Dear Sir,

In few days, the new international airport at Hyderabad city is going to be functional commercially. It is indeed a good news and beginning of a new chapter in civil aviation in India. It has come to my attention thru the news media that there are discrepancies in requirements that were applied for operationalising of the Air Traffic Control centers at new airport in Hyderabad. In this respect, I would like to use the Right to Information Act to ascertain the following w.r.t New International Airport in Hyerdabad at Shamshabad location:

  1. What is the shareholding percentage of the AAI in new airport project of Hyderabad?
  2. What is the role of AAI in the new airport?
  3. Who will man the ATC in terms of AAI employees or private contractors?
  4. What was involvement of AAI in design, construction and approval of ATC buildings and infrastructure?
  5. Are there any standards and requirements for ATC facilities in terms of square footage, Lifts/elevators, No. of toilets, dormitory etc?
  6. If yes, did the new airport comply with all the standards and requirements?
  7. How many times did the AAI inspect the new airport facilities including ATC buildings during and after completion of construction?
  8. Did AAI give any written approval to the new airport indicating that the facilities confirm to the AAI requirements?
  9. When did the project executor GMR hand over the ATC building to AAI?
  10. Who was responsible for procurement, installation, testing, calibration and final approval for commercial use of ATC equipments and accessories?
  11. When were the orders for ATC equipment placed and when were they received at the site?
  12. Who was involved in the installation of above said equipment?
  13. When did the installation of above said equipment start and when was it completed?
  14. Does the new airport have enough controllers who are “rated”? How many?
  15. When did the ATC controllers get recruited/transferred to new airport location?
  16. When did they start training and when did all of them get “Rated” at the new airport?
  17. In absence of air traffic at Shamshabad airport, how did the ATC controllers get trained? Did they use any simulators?
  18. If answer to the above question is yes, how many hours/days did they they get trained on the simulator before they were certified/rated for operation.
  19. Are there any standards and requirements for training on simulators in terms of minimum hours / days for the ATC controllers?
  20. Are there any standards and requirements for “Hot-Standby” process for Communication, Navigation and Surveillance-Air Traffic Management (ATM-CNS) system? If so what are they?
  21. When did the process of “Hot-Standby” for ATM-CNS system period get started at new airport?
  22. When did the above said process get completed?
  23. When did the ATM-CNS get fully operationalised?

A detailed answer to each of the question would be highly appreciated and would help ordinary people like me to discount any fears or apprehension of any compromises in Aviation security and safety of airline passengers by AAI.

I request you to kindly look into this matter. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Thanking you and I remain,

Yours Sincerely,

<Your Name>

<Your Address>


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did some edits on obvious typos and syntax. hope it is ok. the original unedited content is here. good luck.
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Looks comprehensive. Good

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Looks comprehensive. Good luck.. hope AAI will revert back quickly.


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agree with batny. it is a pointed and thorough query. excellent sir!! keep us updated.
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any response yet - do let us know when you get one! This is certainly a very intelligent and pro active idea!
Narayan Gopalan
User Interaction Designer
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It takes time !

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Only today, the applications were mailed to the AAI, via registered post. It takes about 30 days to get the requested information excluding the time taken by postal department. Postal department takes about 7-8 days.


 Remember we are dealing with the "Babus" govt. servants and departments. It takes time to get the required information. 


But we must also appreciate the Indian democracy that has matured to provide this tools (RTI) for transparency. There are many who have used the RTI to  benefit themselves and society at the large.


Therefore please make use of the tools if you feel there is any inordinate delay from a government service/servants.

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Answers to RTI request - A Joke

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A short reply was received  from AAI w.r.t RTI application that was filed by my brother.

 The letter states............

" ...It is submitted that out of 23 questions raised by the applicant, only questions 1 and 2 can be answer pertains to KID group and informtaion for questions 3 to 23 is not available in the KID group.  ..."

 The 2 answers that were given, are known to everybody. It is about AAI's role and share holding.

  Isn't it a joke. It took my brother 6 weeks to get the AAI to accept the apllication. Application was twice rejected for one reason or the other.

Any feedback?

SB, can you post the scanned copies. I have already emailed them to you. 



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joke is right

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waiting for sb to post the scans.
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HT May 23: Information in inbox now (RTI)

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As per this report in Hindustan Times, Watchdog body Central lnformation Commission will ask all departments to begin accepting applications fot RTO via e-mail.

I have not since heard anything that this is being implemented.


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RTI Joke: Going for appeal?

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It was really a great job filing the RTI request.

It will be nice if you can upload the response at .

I suppose you are planning to go for an appeal:

Here are excerpt from

  1. First Appeal: First appeal to the officer senior in rank to the PIO in the concerned Public Authority within 30 days from the expiry of the prescribed time limit or from the receipt of the decision (delay may be condoned by the Appellate Authority if sufficient cause is shown). 
  2. Second Appeal: Second appeal to the Central Information Commission or the State Information Commission as the case may be, within 90 days of the date on which the decision was given or should have been made by the First Appellate Authority. (delay may be condoned by the Commission if sufficient cause is shown). 
  3. Third Party appeal against PIO's decision must be filed within 30 days before first Appellate Authority; and, within 90 days of the decision on the first appeal, before the appropriate Information Commission which is the second appellate authority.
  4. Burden of proving that denial of Information was justified lies with the PIO. 
  5. First Appeal shall be disposed of within 30 days from the date of its receipt. Period extendable by 15 days if necessary. (S.19) 
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RTI - replies attached

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[{Admin} - have to do with flickr for now folks. We should soon have our own storage and easy mechanism of attaching files/pictures. Please bear with us for some more time.]


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the full reply?

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well it was question two onwards that the real purpose of the RTI application lay. Conveniently avoided! Why do beaurocrats become so good at avoiding the question!
Narayan Gopalan
User Interaction Designer
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thanks syed. you took so much pain. SB/Murali/Menon Sir, can we get syed's application and the response he got reviewed by CN sir? that way we will have an independent experts evaluation of the whole process. comment guidelines

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