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Traffic Signal Modeling - Sharing a Case Study

Attached is an interesting case study for geeky types on Praja, related to modeling and optimization of Traffic Signal Syncronization in Bangalore.

Title: Modeling Urban Traffic Planning through Strategic Decisions – A case from Bangalore, India
By: S Srinidhi, N R Srinivasa Raghavan, R Srinivasan
Department of Management Studies,
Indian Institute of Science

For the record, found this case study on this website.


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Signal Synchronisation

Aah! Reminds me of my BE Project.  I believe signal synchronisation is better attempted on a long continuous stretch of road like the ring roads of Bangalore. These days several stretches of the ORR (especially the stretch from Old Madras Road to Hebbal, which I use on a daily basis) are clogged with traffic. These would be prime candidates for synchronisation.

Sychronising continuous stretches over a certain 'speed band' would reward motorists who stick to that speed band at the same time punishing those who are either too slow or too fast. This advantage gained by maintaining certain speeds can be well publicised and should ideally lead to some amount of discipline on the roads - who can resist the offer of travelling from Old Madras Rd to Hebbal non-stop, every time. As most of the travel time on ring roads is spent idling at the signals, it makes it even more irresistable. Besides, the adavantages of speed discipline and lower waiting time at intersections are far too many.

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What about Tatil? Do you

What about Tatil? Do you think that the same theory could be applied to that area too? Because, frankly, I believe that you can't really generalise it like that. comment guidelines

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