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Namma Metro domain booted out

A visit to the Namma Metro web site shows

Account for domain has been suspended

Does one need any thing more to understand the incompetency of "another goverment department"? Ramesh

What a pathetic management

V Sivasailam's management of Bangalore Metro is pathetic to say the least. The poor soul spends most of his time blinking and not knowing what to do. This is what happens when you put IAS officers in charge of projects. They are bound to mess up as they have messed up India. 
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oh come on guys

First, a message like that indicates that the account, as in the web hosting account for bmrc domain was suspedned, the domain was not.

The most likely reason for web hosting account getting suspended is bandwidth overuse. Given that bmrc had tons of documents uploaded, and most of us link to those pdf files directly (its called bandwidth leeching) may have caused the problem.

Other common reason would be that someone forgot to pay up hosting renewal charges. Too bad someone at BMRC forgot to do this. But don't use just this to say BMRC or Mr Sivasailam suck. Its rare, but even Microsoft forgot to renew domain a few years ago. (what a coincidence, both companies are known for running late on projects)

I am no defender of BMRC or Mr Sivasailam, but using a a teeny tiny website problem to write a blanket-bashing post or comment isn't the best thing to do.

They have been pretty good on keeping their website current and fresh - much better than other sarkaari websites, so I would let this online blemish go.

Not to say that there are no blemishes from BMRC worth scrtiny and criticism.

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And the site is back up

Its back up now. No, I didn't fix anything ;) someone at BMRC was quick enough to sort things out with the hosting provider.

BTW, I hate the chaos in "name space" of these local government websites. Just look at it -,, - its all thrown around everywhere from .org, to to .com to Why do all these bodies not live at some common place under I am sure that bureaucracy would be their reason - oh, the process to get a site on/under is so lengthy, I just went and registered a new site myself.

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email ids dont work

The website is up but their email ID's still return errors!

The URL's for tender documents on the site point to for some reason..has the site been hacked?

And so our spinal transport is having back aches

Our spinal transport is having a back ache - which will give us problems as well. If the big guns at Namma metro cannot even keep a domain updated, imagine the mess they will create elsewhere..... 

Madhu's exit was costly

V Madhu's exit from Namma Metro was very costly. We must bear in mind that Sivasailam was Deve Gowda's appointee. Enuf said.
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Some free publicity for shilton hotels

That is funny, the whole bmrc content is hosted on shiltonhotels site right now! See:

They are using some trick (redirect/frames) to mask the problem. Don't think shilton hotels would hijack bmrc site like that as its not likely to give them any positive publicity.

Cadambi, it sure looks like the news of delay and all started trickling after Mr Sivasailam came in. Either Mr V Madhu was doing a better job earlier, or he was covering these under carpet really well. Now, if our CM has said those things about BMRC, something will change for sure.

I wonder who are the major contractors doing work for BMRC. If these contracts would have been handed out to "private parties" close the government in power at the time of award (as tends to happen a lot), then a change in the government is sure to disrupt some arrangements.

Perhaps a potential story for new newspapers (DNA, Deccan Chronicle) of our city to get a leg up on TOI and DH :)


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And for god's sakes - why

And for god's sakes - why does the BMLTA website have a picture of Switzerland in Winter on its front ? Is that where the officials go after scamming money off land deals ? And it appears that BTRAC has no website anymore...
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Shilton Hotels

BMRC has its website hosted there because the company that created this amateurish site has also created shilton hotels . They possibly added it there as a back up. Good find though...

Sivasailam was Deve Gowda's henchman from a long time

Sivasailam's biography shows his experience in Hassan district - the fiefdom of the Gowdas and in most all land / revenue departments - our dear gowdru would always want his man in this departments.

and notice an old India Today article (From 1997) about how Sivasailam was a direct foot soldier when our son of the soil was the PM:

Sivasailam largely came into the helm of BMRC when HDK booted out V Madhu

Thankfully, the Japan Bank for Internaitonal Co-operation (JBIC) has an agreement with BMRC that the latter would furnish weekly reports on progress and proper utilisation of funds. I will write to the JBIC about the lethargy and incompetence of N Sivasailam and his links with Deve Gowda and Co. 
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jungfraubahn and namma metro

"And for god's sakes - why does the BMLTA website have a picture of Switzerland in Winter on its front ?"


Such a contrast too... I was amazed when I travelled on the jungfrau bahn, they built this railway line at 4000mtrs (halfway up to mount everest) tunnelling thru the eiger in hostile conditions a hundred years ago (btwn 1896 & 1916) and here we are a hundred years later struggling to build a metro at street level on time and without issues.


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why does BSY crib?

Its more than 6 months that BJP is in power now..many assurances announced and many promises doled out..

What happened to all of them?

CM had said he wud review personally all projects every month..was it fortnightly?...whatever!

Nothing has happened..not one review..except for election cribs!

When in opposition he was shouting at the then CM..who will he shout at now!?

By-election results

The BJP has one 5 out of 8 seats in the recent by-elections. I am sure given the major event behind, the BJP will find time to concentrate on issues.

But what i am worried about is BBMP elections - that which can really make a difference to the governance of Bengaluru is being delayed. 
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We want a technical man - not IAS officer as BMRCL head

We already have seen 3 BMRCL heads. Mr. Srivatsa, first BMRCL head was speaking technically. All others are IAS officers who just start studying this domain once the charge is taken.

What we want is a strong technical person with good project management skills to head BMRCL, either from Indian Railways or a foreign consultant just like we had Alber Brunner for BIAL (lot of problems with BIAL, still project completed without too much delay).

Mr.Sreedharan was a technical person without interruption which resulted in an excellent Delhi Metro. Same is the dream of every city.

Our CM also needs to look into DIMMITS like organization and change the top management of BMLTA to ease the bangalore traffic woes.

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Metro extensions ahead of schedule in Delhi - Delayed in Blore

Metro is getting extended in Delhi to most of the places. 15 days from now, it is going to be extended from Vishwavidalaya to Jehangirpur, 9 months ahead of schedule. Here is the news:

Why BMRCL is lagging - I thing the lack in professional competency is the main reason.


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competency lack or conspiracy!?

The results are glaring..we are delayed more than a year..maybe two!
What could be the reason and whom really to blame?

Figure it out folks!

Both Lack of competency and conspiracy

Sivasailam was appointed in place of V Madhu because the latter refused to kowtow HDD and Co. Sivasailam  proved to be more amenable to HDD.

No wonder he has terribly messed up Namma Metro. comment guidelines

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