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KR Puram bridge area - Good going traffic police!

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OMR Ped 1I have waited to post this, 3 weeks to be precise because I want. After after our street photography adventure at OMR/ORR junction, I have been noticing a few changes at this junction of junctions.

  • The pedestrian walk signal which was not working (the traffic cops we had met that day had confirmed this) is now operational. See the photo, notice the signal in 'red' and vehicles waiting for peds to cross. Mind you, this as at 9.05 am on a weekday, peak hour at this location.

  • Remember how we noticed that the big bus stand area right after HP petrol bunk was simply not getting used? Now, the police makes sure all buses enter that bus stand and not block traffic on outer ring road.

  • Next, they have clearly marked (fresh white paint) a few zebra crossings in the area. I notice at least three of these, and at least one of the new zebra points also has a newly installed flashing warning light. Sorry, couldn't manage photos on this one.
  • Despite the new zebra points, and the operating signal, pedestrians will be pedestrians. Some of them still cross this 10 lane wide road at arbitrary points. Can't do much about them.

Since I don't cross the area from Benniganahalli side coming in to Whitefield, I am not aware of what they are doing or have done to smoothen flow on that side, but changes on the tin factory side are well appreciated.

Good going Traffic Police. Drops make an ocean, and we need many such drops of initiatives.


Pedestrian subways

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Very good intiative by the Traffic Police. I hope they take efforts to improve it more.

BBMP should introduce a pedestrian subway here which is required. 

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Vijayanagar and nearby areas

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How about planning similar activities in Vijayanagar? Interested people may send me a message.

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SB, People's voice does work!

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 First of all thanks to your report on new developments. Only such positive changes would attract more initiatives. We are already seeing on Praja itself w.r.t Vijayangar.

 Also thanks to all those who took time to go out and survey the area. The results are now in front of us. Good going Praja.


 Go ahead and plan an event in Vijaynagar area. people would definitely join you. I am sure you can plan the event even more successfully by learning the experience from KR Puram event. Good luck to you.




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Vijaynagar Bus Stand Needs Similar Thing

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We have seen lots of people buzzling around near Vijaynagar Bus Stand and Maruthi Temple. Here we need similar such arrangements.

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Thanks BTP

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Good show BTP.  Goes to show that where there is will from the authorities there is a way. 

Similarly I have seen that they have put up no parking signs all along NH7 till the airport.  And a couple of pelican signals (need to enforce for 3-4 weeks).


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Reactions and comments

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Thanks for the report, SB. Heartening to see BTP doing a good job, particularly in relation to sending buses into the busbay and nowhere else. A couple of comments :


BBMP should introduce a pedestrian subway here which is required.

A subway at this location will be very difficult to constuct and result in unimaginable chaos during its construction. I would suggest that a skywalk comes up instead.

@Vasanth :

We have seen lots of people buzzling around near Vijaynagar Bus Stand and Maruthi Temple. Here we need similar such arrangements.

A subway has been under construction at Vijayanagar bus stand for quite a while now. Once this is complete, expect the situation to get better.

As to MM, there already exists a signal light. But I agree that a couple of cops here are necessary to ensure that buses go into the buslane which they don't do at present.

Manish, Nagarbhavi.



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Yajamanre, What is Pelican Lights?

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 BTP officials uses this word "Pelican Lights" a lot in their news briefings. What are these anyway? Is kind of reflectors/flashing lights?


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Pelican crossings..

218 users have liked. UK refer to these pedestrian crossings with an actuator button for pedestrians.

I am not sure if that is the same thing Srivatsa is mentioning.



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Pelican lights - PEdestrian LIght CONtrolled

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with the CON changed to CAN so it becomes the bird.   There are also PUFFINS.

See this link.


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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yes these indeed are same

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yes these indeed are same as mentioned by shastri however discipline is not only for many pedestrians have patience to wait for pelican light to turn green after pressing pedestrians just dont care to wait or walk till pelican light they would rather cross whenever, wherever they wish to comment guidelines

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