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Easy auto being relaunched

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Easy auto, an autorickshaw initiative launched couple of years ago and in spite of very good intentions, failed to gain a critical mass and momentum to sustain the service. Even when I had criticised their buisiness model, I did and still  wish for a competent and trustworthy auto rickshaw company that can provide the last mile connectivity that we seems to be always asking for. I wished easyauto the best and was sad to see them go.

So it was a pleasent surprise to receive this mail this morning from easy auto announcing that they are re-launching come 15th May.

sir/ madam

You had registered for Easy Auto service on 8/16/2007. Kindly note that with a lot of followup and persistence finally we have been able to secure the license to operate this service. The service will be relaunched any time between 15 May 2009 and 1 June 2009. Please let me know whether you  would like to use our services.

Kindly note that this time we are enabling the auto rickshaws with GPS devices to take care of certain operational issues we faced last time. Hence we expect the services to be seamless this time around. It is a venture that is being started with much hope and a lot of sincerity. To make it a success we need your blessings and cooperation.

With Warm Regards

Padmasree H Sundaram
Internet World Wide
98450 63289

While I am happy to see them again, I am not sure if there are changes to the business model itself. The Autos having GPS is certainly a positive thing though.

BTW, will the people working on namma auto might be interested in collaborating with easyauto and provide valuable traffic education though free video screenings etc.

Do you think easyauto will be a success this time around? Will this be the silver bullet for last mile connectivity? What incentive do you have to pay up front registration fee for something that you have no experience with? Do you have any suggestions for easy auto to make this a better service than it currently is? comment guidelines

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