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More government hospitals for the city???

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Amongst the several projects supposedly announced earlier, and proposed to be taken up now, are four government hospitals on the lines of Victoria and Bowring medicare institutes to be built on land to be identied by BDA, going by   this   report.

On the other hand, the junior doctors who had been on strike, have diagnosed these and other government hospitals as sick and accordingly submitted their report to the High Court - check   here   . Even without this fresh report, it's a celebrated fact that the hospitals' functioning are far from satisfactory - check   healthcareless.

Under the circumstances, should the government be setting up more such hospitals?

Muralidhar Rao


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Temporary politicians-stop squandering public money

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U R right Sir

It is not worth creating monstrous buildings in the name of providing health care to the masses which is at the lowest in India.  They do not have enough space and infrastructure to even store dead bodies. 

Bowring/Victoria/Vani Vilas (Ref: LA raids and reports on govt hospitals are testimony) are hell holes in the guise of hospitals.

Cut to Year 2002 - I was taken to Victoria hospital from my office by mistake for my backpain, admitted in casuality ward, put on some emergency treatment of putting me on a pully, when I regained my senses and woke up and found that I was in Victoria, I became paranoid, folded up the bandages  etc., attached to my body, put on the pants with some difficulty and puked in the nauseating bathroom attached to the casualty ward, managed to sneak out and with all the pain, got an Auto and ran for my life along with the case sheet.  Nobody stopped me and I felt much better after getting out not because of they had not even given me some treatment but because I was out and alive.

And to think of creating such infrastructure - please, please, spare the citizens. Understand what the Junior Doctors are demanding for the sake of aam aadmi, attend to such sensible demands, provide reasonable health care infrastructure and then think of gradiose plans for creating infrastructure and be prudent in handling public money. 

Ask people what they want and decide -  please create infrastructure that can be touched and felt.  Paper announcements will not take you anywhere. These kinds of announcements will only result in negativism because available infrastructure is not even worth mentioning or recalling. 

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