The 1st 'Feel Bengaluru Cycle Day'

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27 Oct 2013 06:30
27 Oct 2013 09:30

The Cycle Day campaign kicks off on Sunday, Oct 27, with its first monthly event, "Feel Bangalore Cycle Day".

More details to follow (this event most will be edited with more specifics), here is the high level plan, a simple call:

  • Feel your city early on Sunday morning by cycling all the way to Cubbon Park
  • Reach there by 7.30am
  • Enjoy the fresh air and greenery at the park, make new friends
  • Ride back before the traffic builds up

If you think Cubbon Park is a bit too far for you to cycle all the way, no worries.

  • Ride till your nearest Cycle Day TTMC (list is WIP - 5 TTMCs are planned)
  • Park your Cycle, take a special BMTC shuttle to Cubbon Park
  • Or, just carry your cycle in the BMTC shuttle to arrive with your Cycle.

As simple as that! Lets all join in, and rediscover cycling, fresh air, our city roads, and Cubbon Park !