Perfect choice for late night travel Bangarpet-Whitefield-Bengaluru-Mysore by Train

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Commuter Rail

As I wait for the Chennai bound Kaveri Express at Bangalore City station on Platform-5, a train enters Platform 6 at 11:15 pm which is announced as Bangarpet-Bangalore Express. A closer look at it reveals it is only an Express for namesake as it looks more like a passenger train.

This Express train leaves Bangarpet at 9:20 PM and crosses through the IT sector stations of Bangalore, the Whitefield and Krishnarajapuram and reaches Bangalore city junction at 11:20 pm.Normally after 10 pm, the bus frequency reduces and people on their way back home from office may be too tired to ride their vehicles.

This train is an ideal solution to commute and avoid all the muddle, your vehicle can be parked at Majestic station in the morning and you can ride it back after a relaxed travel in the train, as it arrives late night in the city, you do not have to worry about the crowd, which means you can close your eyes for sometime and unwind.

A keen observation lets out an interesting discovery- the train which arrives at 11:15 pm departs to Mysore at 11:55 pm- it is a convenient journey even if you stay in far off suburbs on mysore road and is a suitable mode of transport to reach home rather than drive through the 40 kms
after a tiring day-of course since the 1st leg of journey is a Express you will be charged the same Express fare all through till your destination. The unreserved Express fare from Whitefield to Bangalore city is Rs 17 and up to bidadi the fare is Rs 23

Thanks to Maitreyi Ananth for sharing the experience in Citizen matters



Thanks, We could collate all such information!

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Thanks for sharing this information.

We could collate all such information on all the existing trains that could be used for daily commute.

Send me the train list, I will organize them into the identified routes and post it here for public consumption.



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Hi I am Siddharth S who posted it in citizen matters-actually main intention of same was that if we make people aware of trains, we can make them use it and later on prove to govt. that we actually have a demand


I have created a blog for the same blog is in devlopment state and will make it quite ready in another month or so-at present have updated the details of the various passenger trains only-Express trains will follow soon


We do require a proper CRS and we have to create a demand-the other day as I went on a jolly trip with my friends to Bangalore East there were quite some people mostly labourers who boarded the 6:00PM Swarna pass to Bangalore Cantt/East from Bangalore city-even return there was quite a crowd waiting for the salem passenger-of course who else takes Rs.2 for 12kms and covers it in 20 mins!

Tried Anekal to Belandur road

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I wanted to try out Local train for office commute to Marathahalli.. So, went to Anekal Road station on Saturday, and caught 625pm train towards city. It reached Belandur road station at 650pm.. Train was well occupied.

I had to walk from the Belandur road station to Outer Ring Road bus stop which took me 25mins through Panathur Main road. Road is so narrow near the station, I wonder how BMTC will be able to operate their buses in that area even if they try. With such situations, it will be difficult to make people use the train for daily commute. Very difficult!



Try trains in the morning

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Hi Nivasi,
I have to say you've tried the wrong train. There are many people working in Outer Ringroad offices who commute daily from Hosur(by Hosur-Yeshwantpur Passenger or Salem-Yeshwantpur Passenger in mornings). There will be autos waiting outside the Bellandur Road railway station and they charge Rs 10/person for drop till the outer ring road. 
In evenings they catch Bangalore-Dharampuri passenger to go back to Hosur. Again you can get an auto at ORR junction.

@SS87 - Good work, Let us join in efforts!

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Looked at your blog site and must appreciate your good work though it is still 'Work In Progress'. Let me talk to to PRAJA admins to see How we can have a permanent and prominent link to your site on 'PRAJA'.

A request. Pls do allow for cross posting of the links on yoru site for latest discussion on Namma Railu Campaign.


Need to have detailed train timings & long pending issue

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Hi Siddharth,

Good efforts in bringing out the details of available trains for Local Travell using express / passenger trains. 

As its still in development,  you may be adding Tumkur, Chikballapur, Dodballapur segments to the list

Now more and more people are getting o know how Suburban Train / Commuter Rail in Bangalore can help citizens for Comfortable Tarvell.

On the similar line of Siddarth efforts,  type of Train can be added like Express / Passenger / DEMU / EMU

Facilities available at each station by clicking on the station : If any BMTC bus stop exists near by, Auto facility available,  what facilites station has,  any safe vechile arking allowed etc.

Also we should provide different train  photos of  DEMU , EMU Station photos where ever possible as link.

This way we can help more and more citizens to use Commuter Trains in and arround Bangalore for travell.  In the  process, demand will be created which is always debated by our so called policy makers in Govt & elected reps.


Yes-since I couldnt get the

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Yes-since I couldnt get the photos I have used the photos from my friends and have asked them for some more-will get them shortly

As of now the various connections from stations have beem giben in the adjacent page will change them after getting full details and full uploads

I just split up the passenger and express timings for expres wil skip various stops and are fewer in number-Doddaballapur and Tumkur will be updated quite shortly


Thanks all for the feedback 

The timings of passengers on

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The timings of passengers on Bangalore-tumkur, Bangalore-Doddaballapur and Bangalore-chikkaballapur are updated in the blog-please go through the same and contact me for any issues or complaints or errors over the same-will update the Express train timings in due course


thanks for encouragement 

A quaint throwback to Malgudi Days

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More services than ever

Some 500 passengers flock to the station every Friday night to board the Yeshwanthpur-Kannur express train.

Just nine years ago, no trains stopped at this nondescript station. Now, a dozen trains bound for Salem, Dharmapuri, Mysore, Kannur and Ernakulam halt at the station daily, drawing hordes of passengers from nearby residence areas of Sarjapur Road, Electronic City, Bellandur, Marathahalli and Madiwala. Boarding from Carmelaram station has minimised travel time for V. Sridhar, a businessman who takes the train to Coimbatore almost every month. “Earlier I used to board from the City station. Even if I left two-and-a-half to three hours in advance for a 10.30 p.m. train, sometimes I would miss it.” In the last three years that he has been going to Carmelaram station, which is just 4 km from his house, Sridhar has had no such problems.

There are plans to raise the platform and make it longer, says Raju Kumar, the station master who took charge just over a week ago. Now, the passengers have a tough time boarding the train as the platform is very low and many of the coaches are parked beyond the platform.

Besides, there is no parking facility for private vehicles. There are no streetlights and autorickshaws are hard to come by at odd hours. The station may be quaint, but according to Sridhar, there is plenty of room for improvement. $(function() { $('#articleKeywords a').click( function() { var keyword = $(this).text(); if (keyword.indexOf(' ') != -1) $('input#searchString').attr("value", '"' + keyword + '"'); else $('input#searchString').attr("value", keyword); $('#simpleSearchForm').submit(); return false; }); });

Even with small station like Karmelaram can make difference to City Traffic,   Officials should   be more proactive to the  needs of the city commuters.

When I was  talking with commuters,  it seems,  LG company on Sarjapur Road has provided company shuttel bus services from its office to Karmelaram station during morning and evening timings.

Same case with TVS company provided shuttel bus service from its factory to Anekal stations



ideal commute option

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Carmelram station is just some 100M off the high frequency, G-2 (Big-10) route, linking Sarjapur and M G Road (via Koramangala), and as such the most time & cost effective option for Hosur side commute from a large part of the city.

Muralidhar Rao